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Tips For Expats In Asia!

Hey there!

I'm Dan Bloom,

Welcome to 'Asia Dating Tips' and get ready to have your meeting-to-relationship questions answered!

Whether you are

 • in the Orient already or

 • plan on coming here from the West

we all have ideas of what starting a relationship with a woman from Asia is like.

I'm sure your friends and family told you how to date a woman from Asia. Maybe you've skimmed through an article on how to get an Asian girlfriend online.

Maybe you've even dated Asian women back home! In any case you've discovered how different Asian ladies are.


I'm here to tell you that they are more different than you could've possibly imagined! Now when I say 'different' I mean that their culture and upbringing is radical compared to ours.

This will show itself on how you meet and go on dates with an Asian lady!

So if you feel a little lonely for being in a new part of the world - rest easy! We'll give you the best chance to meet a local Asian that makes you happy and keeps you company (and vice versa.)

Dan Bloom With Asia Dating Tips

Get 'Asia Dating Tips' From Expat
Dating Coaches
Who Live in Asia!

Go on your first date with confidence as my colleagues and I provide you with insider's information such as:

  • what specifically makes dating Asian women different
  • what beautiful women from Asia respond to
  • how an Asian wife will treat you differently from women back home
  • how to nail that date with these first date tips

You'll get the most accurate and timely information on what to do when on dates and which conversational topics she'd like to talk about.

Practical Asia Dating Tips For Anywhere in Asia!

Will you move to Korea or Japan? Shall your vacation be in Hong Kong or Mainland? Should you decide on Thailand or Taiwan?

Our team has lived and coached in all those countries. I've personally lived and coached in South Korea for 5 years. I've also lived in Hong Kong and Bangkok and had to be an expat all over again three times in 6 years.

So rest easy as you discover:

  • how to comfortably meet Korean ladies
  • what Chinese women really want
  • the shocking truth about Japanese ladies
  • why Thailand girls actually don't like foreign men (or 'farang')
  • why Hong Kong Dating advice won't work with Taiwan girls (yet they're both "Chinese")

And much more...

Why This Site Is Different...

I agree that to make an 'Asia Dating Tips' site is both bold and controversial. We can take it. We want to guarantee you a happy dating life in Asia (which could lead to something more?)

Why? Because we've been there. When we came to Asia there was nothing that told us how it is. Sure there are the "girls from Asia are "easy" stereotypes" and some Western women might tell you that Asian women are "subservient" which is why Western men like them.

The reality is that Westerners who have not set foot in Asia don't have a clue (Hong Kong Island or the expat bubble your friend lives in is not 'Asia'). ;-)

Other Western expats in Asia have barely scratched the surface of the Oriental culture they live in.

We had to learn how to date women from Asia the hard way for years and now you don't have to.  We've also trained guys just like you for years in The Orient.

So make yourself at home in your new home in the East and let's get you bringing someone in your life to enjoy it with!

All the best,

Dan Bloom


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