Asian Beauties Revealed!

Did you ever spot a few Asian beauties and wonder where they were from?

Or maybe you are planning a move to another Asian country and are curious as to whether or not the women are pretty there.

Based on my experience of living in Asia for 6 years here are how I've found Asian ladies to be different.

Note: This might be stereotyping and yes: I am objectifying Asian women.  That being said - let's have some fun! ;-)

Beautiful Women of South Korea

asian beauties

Ahhh...Korean women.  In my opinion Korean ladies have the best bodies in Asia. 

In general they have long legs, nice curves, a well-defined face and nice white skin. 

Many people like to think that it's the plastic surgery that makes Korean babes look good. 

In reality it's their bodies.  In my opinion they don't need the surgery.

Here is a picture of what I would say is a typical Korean beauty.

Fashion-wise if she's wearing jeans and a baseball cap (and looks good in them) then chances are she's Korean. 

Beautiful Women of Thailand

Beautiful Asian women in Thailand come in two groups - Tanned/dark Asian girls and white/Chinese-looking Asian girls.

The tanned/dark Thai women have strong facial features like the women on the left (who looks like she's from the Thai province Issan).

The white/Chinese-looking Thai women have a distinct face as well that tells them apart from all other Asian women.  The picture on the right shows what I mean.

asian beauties
asian beauties

Beautiful Women of China

In China what I'm referring to is mainland China.  This country is unique because it's so big and have a wide range of Asian ladies.

I'll keep it simple by splitting Chinese beauties into two: Northern Chinese and Southern Chinese.

Northern Chinese are generally taller and have longer legs (like in the picture on the left.)

Southern Chinese are generally more petite but have (in my opinion) prettier faces.  Many Hong Kong women are also petite as they did emigrate from Guangzhou (or 'GZ' as the Hong Kong expats call it.)

Fashion-wise - it's been my experience that they wear funky color combinations. 

asian beauties
asian beauties

Beautiful Women of Japan

asian beauties

Japanese beauties generally have prettier faces and a nice cleavage (arguably the nicest in Asia.)

The being said they can have short or stubby legs. 

Sometimes you can find Japanese women with nice bodies. 

Then again you also have the gyaru girls. 

They are the tanned Japanese ladies with blond hair and ornaments for nails.

Another distinct feature about Japanese ladies is that they have more beauty spots than other Asian women.  Not that I mind, of course. ;-)

What's Your Take?  Share Your Opinion!

I sure don't have all the answers and might be off.  What's your take on which country has the hottest Asian women?

Which Country Has The Hottest Asian Women?

In your opinion - where are the hottest Asian women? Tell us why and how about a picture? :)

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