What is Asian Caucasian Dating Like in Asia?

Discover how asian caucasian dating has changed in Asia and what to expect when you arrive and want an Asian girlfriend.

Come to the Orient and enjoy all the beautiful women around you. Whether you're at the Sanlitun district in Beijing or in the Gangnam strip in Seoul - beautiful Asian ladies surround you at every turn.

Be prepared! If you're 'white' and want a girlfriend from the East get ready to know the deal as the dating rules in your new home have changed.

Think that because you're white it will be easier to date Asian women?

Well - yes and no...Read on!

The Truth Behind Asian Caucasian Dating

asian caucasian dating

Asians in general prefer white skin - Whether you're in Bangkok or Tokyo if you're Caucasian you will get better responses from the Asian ladies you talk to.

This is true for whether you chat up a 'Gyaru' girl from Japan or an Thai woman from Issan.

Does this mean that "if you're white you'll be alright?" Not really and here's why…

Caucasian men have a bad reputation - 50 years if you were white and in Asia you were a high-status novelty. Nowadays more and more Oriental societies are shunning white men.


Because everyone believes that Asian caucasian dating is 'easy' for white men. That's why if you ask your Asian friends back home about dating women from the Orient they'll tell you that since you're white you'll be fine. This is a problem.

In reality you'll have to put up with more hurdles. Your Asian date will assume that you'll she's easy. So she'll make herself harder to date because she figures that you can get any local woman (which is sadly not the case.) ;-)

Seems easy when you chat but it gets more difficult as you get more intimate. This is because when you start conversing with a woman from Asia you'll notice her all excited and giggly.

If you get her number and try to go on a date with her chances are that she'll not show up at the date…she'll assume that you're a player (because you're a white expat) and won't bother.

But wait…there's more…

Listen Instead...

Prefer to listen?  Check out my interview with Pickupasia's top dating coach 'RedpoleQ' below.

Your Expat Dating Challenges in Asia

Let's say you do live in a city where Asian Caucasian dating is "easier". You get good responses when you meet the local women and they do show up on dates.

When my Caucasian friends meet women in Bangkok they notice how eager a lot of Thai women are to go dates with them.

Is there anything to worry about? You bet...

I recommend asking yourself:

What is her hidden agenda?

If another caucasian guy talked to her - would she leave you?

What would her society (and parents) think of her dating you?

Find the answers to these Asian white dating questions here.

The Asian-White Dating Game Has Changed

Take this advice and apply it to your situation. As I said before: in Asia you face a new dating dynamic. That pretty woman from the Orient you chatted up in the bookstore might have acted all happy but she won't answer your phone calls even though she gave you her number.

Is there anything you can do to go on a date with her? You bet! Check out these 3 ways to land a date in Asia on this link.

Enjoy! ;-)

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