Find An Asian Dating Female Near
You With Your Smart Phone

Nowadays you can find an Asian dating female near you conveniently with your phone.

In fact your phone will seek out Asian women for you for free. Once you know which apps to download and how to get them started you'll be on your way to a busy dating life.

Rest easy - it's ok if you're new to the whole 'app' thing. That being said you do need to have either an iPhone or another smart phone.

Note: If you don't have one you might want to either be dating Asian women near you through social activities or online. Get more on how to land a date in Asia here!

So let's say you're 'equipped' for the job - what next? ;-)

Get THE 'Asian Dating Female Near You' App

asian dating female near you

Whether you live in Bangkok or Tokyo: the #1 app is called 'Skout'.

Look for it in the app store and download it.

Once you have it you can either sign up with 'Facebook' or sign up the old fashioned way (which I prefer.)

I recommend signing up without Facebook so that you can keep those two accounts separate.

Keep your Facebook account for your friends and your 'Asian Dating Female Near You' apps for your dating life. ;-)

You'll get asked to provide information and a picture. I recommend using a picture of you smiling and doing something fun. Fill out the rest and choose the 'Send me notifications' tab (it will notify you of women near you - you can always change the setting later.)

Be sure to read or skim the privacy policy and terms of use.

Are you set up? Great! Your phone will now officially seek out Asian women for dating around you (yay!)

Attention! You can easily get addicted to it as you see Asian ladies near you right after you log in. It even gives you distances and photos! ;-)

What other apps are worth downloading for meeting women from Asia?

It depends on where you are.

More 'Asian Dating Female Near' You Apps For YOUR Town

You can also get apps like:

Wechat - it's a social app that will help you chat with women in mainland China and Hong Kong. It will also inform you on Asian ladies near you. Simply download the app and fill in the information it asks for.

Once you're down go to your settings and go to 'Social'. Then tap on 'Look Around' and you'll find Asian dating women near you (or at least women whom you can socialize with.)

Kakao Talk - it's the most popular social app in South Korea. Once you've downloaded it and filled in the information simply log in and tap on the 'find' button. Kakao Talk will then recommend some people (read 'women') for you.

Discover more 'Asian Dating Woman In Your Area' Apps For staying in touch with them here.

Play Around With These 'Date Asian Women' Apps

Have fun with these apps. Enjoy meeting women at your pace while you wait for the MTR or are bored at home. Who knows? The Asian girls you chat with might be just as bored and wouldn't mind a chat with a foreign stranger (or maybe more.)

Be sure to pace yourself! ;-)

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