Get These 'Asian Dating Woman In Your Town' Apps And Connect With Your Asian Date!

Stay in touch with your Asian date using any of these 'Asian Dating Woman In Your Town' social apps. Allow the both of you to chat regularly so that you can keep yourself fresh in her mind.

Make it easier for setting up a date and keeping yourself in touch with her.

Keep in mind that these apps you'll know about vary from Asian country to country. So grab your smart phone (if not already) and let's get you connected with your Asian lady!

Get These 'Asian Dating Woman In Your Town' Apps!

Stay connected with either:

  • Watsap
  • Kakao Talk
  • Line
  • WeChat

enjoy them depending on where you live.

Watsap connects you mainly if you're in Hong Kong or Taiwan. Simply go to the app download program on your smart phone and download it. It does cost US$1 but you get that value back many times over.

Once you have it you can quickly find her in Watsap's 'contacts' tab. If she doesn't have the app yet but is from Hong Kong or Taiwan then you can tell her to get it.

I'd be surprised if she didn't have it as all my Hong Kong friends use it and it saved me a lot from texting with messages when I was living in Hong Kong.

What if she's from Korea or you live in Korea? In that case I recommend grabbing Kakao talk.

asian dating woman in

Kakao Talk is another great 'Asian Dating Woman in Your Town' social app. Every Korean woman has it (so does your date.)

It's free to download and updates regularly. You can even send funny little pictures for free. :)

Another popular app in Korea is Line.

Line is great to have if you're in Korea, Thailand or Japan. You not only get to connect with her and send her pictures - but you also get to check out your chat timeline. Simply click on the Timeline tab and you'll get updated on what she's been doing.

What if you're in Mainland China?

In Mainland China the most popular social app is WeChat. You can also download it for free. WeChat allows you to connect with her both with chatting and recording/sending messages. Do you prefer to talk rather than text? This social app allow you to do that.

This is very useful for chatting with women in

  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • China

This app won't find women for you but many Asian ladies in those countries use it. In fact she'll expect you to have it.

Note: Discover which 'Asian Dating Female Near You' Apps bring you dates by clicking on the link.

Let These 'Asian Dating Social Apps Do The Heavy Lifting

You can now check what she's up to at anytime. You can send her a picture or ask her to do the same. Asian women love sending and receiving pictures so feel free to go overboard. Simple pictures of what you're doing at that moment works well (as long as they aren't pictures of you surfing this site!) ;-)

Want to know of other ways to get a date in Asia? Click on the link for more.

Have fun! ;-)

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