Find Any Asian Dating Women
Through Social Activities

Get ready to find Asian dating women near you. In fact you can find them closer than you think.

Make it easy on yourself- start out with places you already go now. Set up a routine for yourself that allows you to meet ladies from Asia. Once that's done you can begin to search elsewhere for girls from the Orient who match your ideal.

Follow these steps and find yourself in dates with women from Asia no matter which city you're in (except for Pyong Yang!) ;-)

Find Asian Dating Women At Your Regular Spots

Just moved to Asia? Whether you're new or a veteran you can benefit from this. What do you enjoy doing already? Do you like to exercise? Or what sport are you into? Do you go to a certain bar or restaurant usually?

The next time you go get to know some of the local women in those places. You might find an woman whom you'd like to date. If anything you can make friends who can hook you up .

Speaking of people willing to hook you up…

Find Women To Date Through Your Colleagues

Single in a big city? No problem! Your colleagues probably can relate (both your Western and local colleagues) and would be willing to help out.

Ask them what they usually do on evenings or weekends and see if you can join. Explain that you're new and that you'd like to get to meet people. If you're a friendly guy they'll definitely help.

Who knows? You might even want to date one of your colleagues. I've done that when I was teaching in Korea and loved it. Then again you might want to keep business and pleasure separate.

In any case your colleagues and friends from your routine places are great resources.

What if you're a 'lone wolf' or prefer to mingle outside of your routine areas? If that's the case then it's time to…get lost.

Get Lost in Your New Town!

That's right. Explore new areas in your town or city and you'll find new venues to meet Asian dating women. There might be a fun bar or lounge right around the corner!

For more on fun dating in Asia click on the link!

For example when I was in Bangkok I walked around Soi 11 and found a cool lounge called Q-bar. I liked the venue and saw a lot of beautiful Thai women.

asian dating women

Will I go again? You bet!

How about you?

What new venues in your town would you recommend for people to check out?

If anything you will find nice places to take ladies from the Orient on a date.

Start with your neighborhood if you'd like and work your way to the expat-friendly or popular areas.

Not sure where to begin otherwise? Seek out places online!

Find Popular Places Online

Search for sites that talk about venues and nice spots to meet women in your city. If you're in Seoul you can check out ''. If you're in Shanghai take a look at

Which site gives you ideas in your city? Do a Search Engine search, click on 'maps' and go to those places!

Everything You Need Meeting Asian
Dating Women At Your Fingertips

If you prefer meeting women as you go about your life well now you can. Get to know your Asian town and meet pretty women along the way.

Make sure you get their number or at least their smartphone App information. Know which app local women use in your city? Check out the most popular 'Asian Dating Female Near You' apps on this link.

Have fun! ;-)

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