"How Are Asian Girlfriends Different?"

Wonder what makes Asian girlfriends different?  

We both know that people are people.  But are cultures and values equal?  What world did she grow up in that is different than yours?  How does that affect your potential relationship?  

After living and dating Asian women for 6 years I've had the chance to experience the goods and bads.

I've also talked with my girlfriends about the dating differences.  Get ready to discover what will make her different'.

Women in Asia When it Comes To Dating

It's hard to overgeneralize.  Asia is a big place with different cultures.  That being said - I've noticed patterns that would be useful:

She might expect you to pay for the dates - Unless you live in Japan (where there's the Betsu-Betsu 'Dutch pay culture) you can expect to pay for dates.  Asian women don't have the economic opportunities that Asian men have.  In exchange - you're expected to pay for everything.

She might prefer white skin -  In Asia the ladies prefer white skin.  This is not just for themselves but also who they date.  If you're darker skinned (I'm a bit tanned myself) then you might have a more difficult time dating Asian women.  This is just the reality. It's different than in the West where we seem to like tanned skin more.

She might expect you to lead - Most Western women like to 'feel' in charge and tend to be more engaged in the interaction.  Although women from the Orient like to 'feel' like they have some control - it's your job to lead. 

You won't see many "hints" or "cues" that she wants to be kissed or anything (unless you're in China or Thailand in my experience.)  Otherwise it's all up to you.

So that's how the dating is different - how about being in a serious relationship?

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Things Asian Girlfriends Do That's Different

asian girlfriends

She won't live with you - In most countries living in with a boyfriend is a sign of marriage (or close to it.) 

Unless you live in Thailand or ask for it chances are your Asian girlfriend won't live with you. 

She'll do nice things for you - You'll be surprised at how generous your Asian girl can be.  I've had girlfriends cook for me when I was sick. 

They would also buy nice gifts randomly. 

Now I'm not saying that Western women won't do this.  I'm just saying that you can expect it more from Asian women.

And I like it!

She won't tell her friends about you - Although Asia is known for being more 'society conscious' their people keep the relationships separate.  She has friends from her hobbies that she'll never introduce to her colleagues or her classmates (for example.)

Even though she's your girlfriend chances are she'll never talk about you to her family and friends.  In fact she might not even want them to know that she's dating a foreigner (if you're with a Korean girlfriend this is common.)

What about in the bedroom?

How The Bedroom Might Be Different...

Sex is not something to be enjoyed - In most Oriental cultures 'sex' plays more of a utilitarian role.  At first I thought this was just with Korean women but the emphasis is on 'starting a family' rather than on 'enjoying your sex lives'. 

So there will be times when you'll want to have a lot of fun in the bedroom but she'll get annoyed.  Unless of course she's from Japan. :)

This is because most women from Asia grow up viewing sex as something their moms did for their dads (rather than something they enjoyed doing together.)

Again - I'm speaking of generalities based on cultural differences. 

Her conservative appearance during the date can vanish in the bedroom - Asian women are especially concerned about how others view them.  Most Western women who are encouraged to do what they want (think of all those cosmetic commercials with the slogan "because I'm worth it"). 

Theyn want to show a 'nice girl' front in public more than Western women. 

Once you are somewhere private it's a different story…it's shocking!

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