Go From Asian Girl's Friend
To a Girlfriend - Possible?

Are you a beautiful Asian girl's friend and wonder if you could ever be something more?

She might be someone you met from school or work. 

Maybe she was introduced to you at a party once. 

In any case you suddenly find her attractive (if not always) and want to make something happen. 

Can we have a more physically and emotionally intimate relationship with her even though we're "just friends?"

The short answer is - it depends on 3 things

 • what your first impression of each other was

 • how long you've known each other

 • what your other friends might think

Let's find out if we can turn you from an Asian girl's friend into her new boyfriend.  Granted I will assume that you can communicate with her.  I'll also assume that she's single.

#1 - How Did You Meet?

When you first met, what happened?  What were your first 5 minutes of conversation like?

Did she giggle or laugh? If she did then chances are she either genuinely finds you funny or she's showing her interest in you (by showing that she finds you funny.)  In any case these are good signs.

Was or is she just polite?  When you talk with her - is she just polite and 'pleasant'?  If this is the case then she might not be that interested in going from friends to couple.

Fact is - we can never know if she's attracted to us.  We can only guess.  The BEST way to find out if she's attracted to you is to

Ask her to do things for you or join you for a 'coffee/lunch/etc…). If she's doing things for you then chances are she wants to make you happy. This is a good sign.  If instead she says "I'm busy" or "oh why don't you do it?" then chances are she's not interested.

If she laughs and does things for you even though your friends - chances are you can make it something more.

#2 - How Long Have You Known Each Other?

another asian girls friend?

How long have you been friends? 

Usually the longer you've been "just friends" the harder it is for her to be your girlfriend. 


Because she's slotted you as a 'just friends' friend.   This can happen if you've known her anywhere between a month to a year.  Anything less than that and you have a chance.

"A chance to what?"

A chance to show that you're interested in her and would like to be her boyfriend.

"How do I do that?"

It starts first with making a good first impression the date.  Check out my Asia Dating Tips on nailing The Perfect First Date.  It's on me and you'll pick up some quick ways to make your next date a closer step towards more intimacy. 

In any case it's important to display your sexual interest as soon as possible.  Yes it is uncomfortable and you risk losing her as a friend.  Again if you're not sure how to do that then check out the excerpt of "The Perfect First Date".

So let's say she is attracted to you and you have made a great impression on your date - is it all smooth sailing then?

Not quite and here's why...

What Would Your Friends Think?

Do you have friends in common? 

How would they react to you two becoming a couple?  Would they like it or not?  This might not matter to you but to her it does.  It either matters because she doesn't want to lose her friends or hurt her reputation (a woman's biggest fear is being called 'a slut'.) 

Are you work colleagues?  In that case it can be risky too.  You could risk losing your job (or she risks losing hers!)

So even if you're just the Asian girl's friend and want to be more - she might not want to because of your common friends or because of your circumstances.

The Biggest Choice You Must Make

Whatever happens you'll have to risk losing a 'friend'.  If you two do become a couple then whatever dynamic you had before will be gone.  This is a chance you will both take.  In any case if you want to keep her happy as your Asian girlfriend it's good to know (and do) what it takes.

Have fun! ;-)

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