Where Are Asian Ladies The Hottest?

...in the sun! ;-)

All joking aside - I bet you find Asian ladies irresistible.

So do I.  In fact they are all downright gorgeous.

But let's be boys for a minute - where would the prettiest Asian women be? 

After living in Asia for 6 years and living in various countries from Korea to Thailand, here's my take.

Note: This might be seen as 'stereotyping' but this is based on my travels (and that of my friends) across Asia.  I'm also referring to Asian girls that haven't done plastic surgery (natural beauty.)

Women With The Best Bodies - South Korea

asian ladies korea

I must admit that I am biased. 

South Korean women have the best bodies by far.  In fact if you ever stumble into Gangnam get ready to have your mind blown away! 

Korean women have nice long legs and are the only Asian beauties (in my opinion) who can pull off the baseball cap and jeans look.

A close second in my opinion are North-eastern Chinese women. 

Their bodies are just as nice but still only second to South Korean women.

The Prettiest Petite Girls - Hong Kong

asian ladies hongkong

Hong Kong women have are the prettiest petite Asian women in my opinion.

There's one thing that I find a pity though - their unwillingness to stay 'petite'.

Have you ever been to Hong Kong?  You'll notice a lot of Honkese women wearing 5 inch high platform shoes. 

Apparently if you ask a Hong Kong woman about how high her shoes are it's considered rude.  Anyways...

A close second would be Japanese women...particularly in Fukuoka. 

They have very pretty petite Asian beauties as well. 

Speaking of Japanese ladies…

Women With Prettiest Faces - Japan

asian ladies japan

Granted I've only been to Fukuoka and Osaka but in my experience Japanese beauties have the prettiest faces.  

They're so cute!

Granted there is a variety of Japanese women ranging from super-tanned ('Gyaru') to 'older sister' looking girls ('Onneke').

A close second would be Lao women (again my opinion.)  I've only been to Vientianne but I really enjoyed how cute they were.

Girls With The Best Looking Skin - Thailand

asian ladies thailand

By 'best skin' I mean the color and variety of it. 

I would say that you can find many kinds beautiful Asian women in Thailand. 

Because many Thais originate from the other parts of Asia (China, Laos, Burma, etc…) there is a big mix there.  You'll even find Thai women who look like they're from India. 

Again this is because India and China had a big influence on South-East Asia.

Note: Ladyboys don't count as pretty Thai women. ;-)

What's Your Take?

So this is just a bit of fun.  I am aware that these remarks don't suit all the women.  In fact I might be completely off. One picture might look like someone from another country and that's all good.

That being said - where do you think are the prettiest Asian beauties?  I might be completely off and I'm okay with that.  Share your opinion about Asian babes here! ;-)

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