Does Learning Asian Languages and
Cultures Help With Dating Asian Women?

Want to start dating Asian women and wonder if learning Asian languages and cultures is worth it? 

Sure it obviously helps - after all you'll be able to

 • communicate better

 • understand why she does what she does

 • makes you relate better with her family

but do you really need to invest in learning it?  After living in various parts of Asia for 7+ years and having learned Asian languages - this is what I found...

When Learning Asian Languages and Cultures Is a Must!

There are some situations where you're much better off knowing your host country's way of doing things. 

 • do you live in a very "Asian" town or city?

 • do you actually enjoy learning about your host country?

 • does the woman you want to be with only speaks her native language?

In this case you will make your life a lot easier if you take the time to study.

When would it not be that helpful?

When It's Not Necessary

There are also situations where you don't really need to study it. 

 • do you live in an expat community in Asia?
 • do you not really care to study (or just don't have the time?)

 • can you date Asian women in your town that speak your language?

asian languages and cultures

In this case you don't really have to learn the culture for dating.  In my case I studied Korean because I lived in a Korean community in Seoul. 

Korean women also didn't speak much English so if I wanted to date I had to speak their language. 

I also do enjoy learning new cultures and ways of life so it was fun for me. 

Then again it was also a commitment and studied every day.

So...Should You Learn Asian Cultures and Languages?

You may or may not need to brush up on your host country's way of life.  Then again it would be a pity if you didn't learn anything.

I've met expats who speak Japanese and others who speak Mandarin (even one who speaks the hardest Asian language I've ever studied: Cantonese!)

I've seen them benefit from speaking another language personally as well.  Even for me as I travel around the Orient I can always strike up conversations with Koreans. 

In fact just learning bits and pieces will help you out.  You'll not only gain the respect of the locals and your date - you'll also appreciate a whole new world and will send yourself on an adventure.

Who knows?  You might actually enjoy it…I do!

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