3 Asian Photo Dating Tips For a Better Profile

Make good use of these Asian photo dating tips and have more Asian contact you online.  

Most guys have no clue what kind of picture(s) to put no their profiles so they end up just hoping that things will work out.

Let's forget about 'hoping' and do what actually works (whether you're a top model kind of guy or not.)

So first off I recommend getting a few pictures together and make sure that they fit at least one of these criteria...

 Asian Photo Dating Tip #1 - Have
Pictures With This Main Element...

Besides always having one with a smile - be sure to be with these people:

family: It's no secret that people from Asia value 'family' more so than in the West. Show that you get along with family (any member.)  This will let her know that you would also get along with hers.

friends: Have a picture with your friends. It shows that you're a normal human being with buddies.  If you have women in the picture I recommend having them with other guys in the picture too. 

Women from the Orient in general respond to "you with women" pictures as "you're a playboy".  It might scare them away from contacting you as you've "got your hands full as it is."

by yourself and happy:  be sure to have at least one picture of yourself with a smile.  This is warming and shows again - that you're a normal human being.

Asian Photo Dating Tip #2 - Have
Pictures With This Secondary Element…

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So people look at those pictures and see that you're normal. 

They also figure that you have similar values (care about friends and family.) 

The next thing she will look at is your perceived status and lifestyle.  This is where you'd want to have pictures:

living large: Do you have a nice car or house? 

Maybe you've traveled somewhere exotic? 

Pictures with these backgrounds "indirectly" state that you are successful and worth pursuing. 

Note that it's better to be in these kinds of pictures "with your friends or family".

Let's say you have a picture with just you on an exotic beach.  You also have a picture of you and your friends on an exotic beach.  It's more powerful to have a picture of you and your friends on the beach.


If it's just you it may come across as 'showing off'.  That might make you seem arrogant and you won't have much luck dating Asian women.

So what's the last part that will make your photos successful?

Asian Photo Dating Tip #3 - Make
Sure Your Pictures Tell This...

The ultimate thing you can do for your pictures is to have them tell your story.  Let them show what you're about and who you are.

For example, a picture with your friends playing paintball is much more exciting than a picture with your friends at home. 

A picture of you alone doing your favorite hobby is better than a picture of you alone just standing somewhere typical.

Make These Asian Picture Dating Tips Work!

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Talk soon!

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