Are Asian Stereotypes About Dating Practical?

I'm sure you're familiar with the typical Asian stereotypes about dating women from Asia.  The question is - would they help your love life in Asia?

Generalizing helps us in a lot of ways.  We do it for the food we eat and the people we talk to.  It also helps us in new situations (such as starting a love life with an Asian woman.)  

Everyone does it.  In fact we have stereotypes about people who stereotype! So get over that and let's see if they help us with our love lives.

Note: We all stereotype (and this is a stereotype about people.)  If you think that stereotyping dehumanizes people, I disagree.  I believe that it just shows our human nature of how we have common stimuli and behavioral responses. 

If you believe that we're all "unique flowers" then you won't get much from what I have to say...

Do Asian Stereotypes Work?

asian stereotypes about dating

I believe that some do and others don't. 

The more common ones are:

Women from Asia are more submissive. 

I'd agree with this one (compared to most women from back home.) 

In general their culture makes it so that the men lead and the women follow. 

Note that being 'submissive' isn't the same as being 'subservient'. 

To be submissive is play a role in the relationship and to work with the leader to get a desired result. 

Think of Latin American dancing.  The man leads and the woman follows. 

So when you have a date with a woman from Asia expect to lead…every time and more than you can imagine.  Basically run the date as if she wants it to continue.  In general she won't give you signs of what she does or doesn't want. 

Women from Asia are more 'loyal'.  I don't think that they're necessarily more 'loyal'.  Many Asian ladies avoid open conflict in interactions and value social harmony more so than in our Western cultures.  So this may seem to be 'loyalty' but believe me - if you don't do a good job with the relationship she'll leave.

Women from Asia prefer white men.  Compared to other types of foreigners - I'd have to agree that white men are more in fashion at the moment.  Not all ladies from the Orient prefer white men but in general they do.

Women from Asia don't like local men. This is not valid at all.  I won't go into the details but most local girls would never consider an expat…ever.  This is a fallacy many guys have told themselves based on the few experiences they've had.  In general most women in Asia prefer local men. 

Make Asian Stereotypes Work For You

I'm all about practicality.  Can your dating life improve because of these generalizations? 

Some are helpful and others not so much.  In any case - you can get a step-by-step guide to having dates with a woman from Asia below.  Simply put your first name and email and you'll have instant access to my 9-Steps To Date in Asia Self-Study Course.

You can do it at your own pace and you'll notice a transformation in the first email I send you. 

Have fun! ;-)

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