Why Asian White Dating Is Popular
(and Why That's Bad News!)

Live in a city where Asian white dating is "easy"?

If you live in Hong Kong's Kowloon or hang out in Bangkok's Soi Cowboy you might be right:

There are plenty of women who would leap at the chance to be with you.

Sounds like every man's dream?

Not exactly.

In fact it's bad news and here's why:

When Asian Caucasian Dating Is
"Easy" It's Time To Worry...

asian white dating

Let's say you've met some of the Asian women in your city. Maybe you've asked a pretty woman from Asia for directions and she seemed thrilled that you talked to her.

Maybe a coworker at your office is attracted to you because…well…because you're 'white'. In fact you probably believe the infamous Asian Caucasian dating myth.

But wait...isn't them wanting to date you good news?

After living in Asia from Seoul to Bangkok for 6 years as a dating coach - here's what I recommend my clients ask themselves.

Prefer To Listen?

Check out what Asia's #1 Dating Coach 'RedpoleQ' with Pickupasia has to say about Asian Caucasian dating.

What is Her Hidden Agenda?

In Thailand and to an extent China you are a high status ticket to a better lifestyle. Many local women (not all but more than you think) date you if you're white because you're an easier (better) practical catch. Let me explain…

Unless you live in Japan or South Korea chances are you have a high perceived status and the finances to back it up.  Most women in Asia date for practical reasons (more so than for romantic ones).


Because if they're not married by the time they're 29 they are generally considered too old to marry and have thus failed the family (with the older generations mostly).

So she might be with you as either a last resort or because of the promise to a better life (and less scrutiny.)

That being said - If you only have your 'skin color' on your side when it comes to dating…you're in trouble. Here's why:

Are You Really That Special?

If your girlfriend is from Asia and you found that having her in your life was 'easy' then please consider this:

Is she with you just because of your skin color (and hence her financial and social prospects?)

If another Caucasian man came into her life with more money and status…would she stay with you?

We will never know but there is always that risk. If she's with you just because of her social and financial ambitions then understand that you don't have much leverage to keep her in your life.


Because there will always be another 'white' skinned man with more money and status to offer her. Unless you can attract her with the same social skills and personality that you used for women back home - then you're in trouble.

What if an man from Asia with the same status and money as you offered to be her boyfriend - would she dump you and go with him? I think she would and here's why…

What Locals REALLY Think About Asian White Dating

Really…this may sound harsh but most locals (except for in Hong Kong) think that expats date the women that the local guys don't want. If you're in Thailand you'll find many farang (foreigners) with the tanned Issan women from the poorest country side.

If you're in a Mainland Chinese city like Beijing or Shanghai you'll find most gwailo (foreigners) with the low-class migrant workers.

Even today many locals from Asia think that to date a foreign man is to admit defeat in being able to find a good guy from Asia. That's one of the reasons why these men are angry - because in their minds Asian white dating is a last resort for their women.

Want proof? Ask your guy friends from Asia about this and they'll confirm what I'm saying.

Keep the message and the messenger separate! In my opinion where your date comes from doesn't matter. Women are women and are all equal (I value equality too.)

If you're happy with her and vice-versa then good for you!

Is Asian White Dating All Bleak?

Not at all! Many women in Asia are consciously choosing to date white men for their personalities and because they just like how white men treat them.

Attract these women with your personality and social skills and you can rest easy with your Asian girlfriend who truly is with you because she likes you.

Not your skin color…not your money…but you.

Date in Asia the right way with these tips and techniques by clicking on the link. Get a better chance of attracting and keeping that lady from the Orient in your life because of who you are as well as what you can offer her.

Have fun! ;-)

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