"Where Are Asian Women in Bikinis?"

Find Asian women in bikinis gorgeous?  I think I can speak for most men when when I say that Asian ladies are gorgeous in bikinis (or anything for that matter!) ;-)

It's more than just because of their bodies.  In my opinion ladies from Asia have beautiful skin and I personally enjoy it when they have a little tan.

But where can you go to meet Asian ladies that wear that swimwear?  Let's say you do meet them - what can you say or do to start a conversation?

Where To Find Asian Women in Bikinis

asian women in bikinis

The beach!  Sure that's true - but there's something more important for you to know…

Most women from the Orient in their home countries would be to shy to wear a bikini. 

It might be too racy.  So the best places to go are tourist beaches. 


Because the Asian ladies who go there are looking to have a good time (and work on their tan as well.)   They are also probably in "vacation mode" which means they are more open to having fun. 

So let's say you walk on the beach and see a beautiful woman from Asia in a bikini - how would you strike a conversation?  This is what I've done and it works well every time.

Step #1 - Pitch Yourself Next To Her

This is where you put yourself next to her.  This is important because it gives the impression that you're just next to her because it's the "VIP location for sun tanning." ;-)  It also makes your next step more easy to transition into.

Strike a conversation!

Step #2 - Find Something Topical To Start a Conversation

Check out something about what she's doing or has that is intriguing.  Maybe she's reading a book.  Maybe she's laying on a funny-looking towel.  In any case your best bet is to start a conversation based on a topic.

"What if there's nothing particular about her?"  Rest easy - in that case you can start a conversation with something funny.  You can ask her:

"Hello there - Can you give me the Sun remote control?  It's too hot."  ;-)

Something silly/funny that gets a rise is a good start.  From there you can ask her what her name is and what she's doing on the beach.  Unless she's a professional beach bum. ;-)

Chances are she'll have a story and would welcome a conversation.  Just be sure not to stare at her beautiful bikini too much!

Know What To Do Next!

Do yourself a favor and take my free 9-step self-study course for Dating in Asia Sooner.  Simply put your name and email below and we'll get you started.

Enjoy! ;-)

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