Set up For Dating Asian Women!

Did you just join  It's one of the better websites for meeting and dating Asian women.

That being said - is it just a question of joining and putting your profile up?  With all the other guys who contact her doing just that…what else can you do to be the one she dates?

Rest easy - these simple 3 tips will boost your chances of dating that Asian woman.

Step #1 - Set up a Winning Profile!

Did you set up your profile and put a random picture of yourself?

Think twice! 

Check out these Asian photo dating tips and make your photos work for you.

Write the right things! When it comes to writing up your profile - be genuine but market yourself well.

Make sure you indirectly talk about

 • your friends and family and how you get along with them

 • how you don't check too often because you're busy living your life

 • you looking to meet Asian ladies before anything else happens (you can joke about not wanting another stalker!) ;-)

So let's say your profile is now among the top 10% of them - what next?

Step #2 - Send Out A Winning Message!

Most guys send the typical "hey how are you?"  or "wow you're so pretty".  She's numb to that.  Instead just get to know her…or at least give her the impression that you want to know her.

Do something the other guys don't do - check out what's going on around the picture.  Is she somewhere fun?  What is she wearing that's unique?  Does she have a typical pose in all her photos?

When you contact her make use that as your reason for contacting her.

For example, instead of:

"Hey I think you're cute." (lame)

"Hey I noticed your profile and that you are on a mountain - what mountain was that?"

This signals three things:

1/ that you're not putting too much interest into her (you've only 'noticed' her profile)

2/ you're curious about something else other than her looks.

3/ you can keep your English to a basic level for her to understand

9 times out of 10 this will get a response from any beautiful Asian woman.

"So your profile rocks and she's chatting with you - what next?"

Step #3 - Get All The Vital Information

What's important for you to know about her is:

 • how close does she live from you

 • what is her typical schedule like (when can you meet)

 • her phone number

The last one is the most important (if you find her attractive and the other two criteria pass.)  You must get her phone number so that you can have direct access to her.

"How do I do that?"

You ask her if she has any social app like Kakao Talk for Koreans or Line for  Thais.  If she says "yes" then tell her to give you her number so that you can get her app ID (and vice versa.)  The other benefit is that you can also check out her other pictures on her app. 

Make The Most out of This Online Asian Dating Site!

These 3 tips alone will put you ahead of the competition.  It will also give her a reason to want to talk to you.  That will more likely lead to a date!

Don't have it yet? Check out AsianDating on this link! (Note that it is an affiliate link.  If that bothers you then you're welcome to click here instead.)

Have fun!

PS: For more practical tips on how to meet and date an Asian woman put your first name and email in the boxes below.  Rest easy - it's all kept private and anonymous.  You also get to start my 9-step Self-Study course for how to date Asian women. 

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