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What does that beautiful Asian lady you're attracted to want?

Get ready to have a fighting chance at attracting her to you.

No matter if you live in Asia or back home - Asian women are people too.  What is it that we all want?  

You guessed it…


We love to feel them and would do anything for some more good emotions (or to stay away from bad ones!)

Which 4 powerful feelings do we love the most?

  •  joy
  •  intrigue
  •  lust
  • anticipation

So how can we get her addicted to us by using those emotions?  Get ready to find out!

Give Your Beautiful Asian Lady 'Joy'!

How can you make her happy?  Forget about buying some gift or taking her out to a good restaurant.  That's been overdone and you're not really allowing yourself to be her source of joy - the gift or restaurant is.

So what can we do?  Give her the gift of laughter!

beautiful asian lady

Make any beautiful Asian lady laugh and she'll want to hang out with you - guaranteed

Beautiful Asian ladies in Asia prefer slapstick/child-like humor more than sarcasm. 

For example - If you see a pretty Asian woman wearing cool sunglasses you can get a laugh by asking her if she's blind (unless she is ><). 

Or does she have a bright yellow purse? 

Get her attention and then act like it's so bright that it hurts your eyes. ;-)

This kind of humor works better than clever wit.  Not only that but you can rely on your body language and the simplicity of the humor.  This is great because you bypass the language barrier and make the interaction more comfortable for the both of you.

Note: Want to be funnier?  I recommend check out an improv comedy course in your area.  Consider joining it and allow yourself to connect with your funny side.

Humor is a powerful tool to make any beautiful Asian lady want you.  Give it to yourself!

Got it? ;-)

 Create Intrigue

You're in luck!


Since you're an expat in a foreign Asian land you already create intrigue.

This is good because you make your beautiful Asian lady curious about you.  Make the most of it by wearing clothes from your country or having stories about back home handy.

For example since I'm from Texas I would wear cowboy boots.  I've also lived in France so I would wear a T-Shirt with some French on it.  This makes her want to know me more (especially if she likes American or French culture.)

How about you? What can you do NOW that would make any pretty Asian lady want to know you more?

Give her the emotion of - lust…

Let Her Lust For You

On the outside even the sexiest Asian women can come across as conservative.  But they are still people…and as people we can feel lust at any time.

Let her feel it for you.


Give yourself an air of 'sexuality'.  Do that with your fashion by wearing tighter clothing.  Express it with your gaze.  Look at her as if you wanted her…now. 

Note: 'Lust' isn't the same as 'desperation'.  Make sure you know the difference based on how Asian respond to your gaze.  If she's running away when you give her the look then it's too strong and you come across as desperate.

Do it right and notice how she'll give it back or look down because…she feels it and doesn't want you to know that she does.

In any case she sticks around because the lust she feels for you makes her want to know you more…

Is that all?  Not even close!  Another powerful feeling you can let her feel for you is...

Let Her Anticipate Meeting You Again!

The biggest mistake guys make with ANY woman is spending too much time with her at once.  This kills your chances with any beautiful Asian lady.


Because you end up boring her.  You become too available and she takes you for granted (which would happen with any woman, really.)

Avoid that by keeping your dates a bit shorter (between 1 to 3 hours) and even when you meet her - limit your date to 30 minutes.  Pretend that you're 'busy'.

Isn't this 'manipulative'?  It is but it's for her own good.  She wants to 'long' for you - so why not give that to her if you can?

Think about Christmas day - and why we love it.  If we got presents everyday or if we could open the presents two days before Christmas..would we really care about that day at all?

We love the feeling of anticipation and your beautiful Asian lady is no exception.

Give it to her and enjoy her smile when you meet again.

"What Else Can I Do To Get A Beautiful Asian Lady Into Me?"

Discover the 5 most powerful tools to make beautiful Asian ladies want you - click on the link!

Arm yourself with these powerful emotions and rest assured that she'll like you.  Hold her in your arms and enjoy how she holds you in hers.


Because if you've followed this advice right then you can have piece of mind that she hugs you out of genuine attraction. 

She cares for you because you've become the guy who gives her those emotions that all her other 'potential dates' can't give her.

Good job! ;-)

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