4 Beautiful Asian Women To Choose From

You've just come to Asia and beautiful Asian women surround you.  

Ladies from Asia are gorgeous and although they all strike you as stunning - they're all different.

After 6 years of living in Asia I've found that although each Asian woman is unique, they all fit into one of these categories.  They are:

beautiful asian women

 • Non-Westernized and Who Have Been Abroad

 • Westernized and Have Been Abroad

 • Westernized and Haven't Been Abroad

 • Non-Westernized and Haven't Been Abroad

Note: When I say 'Westernized' I refer to having beliefs more found in Europe and The Americas. Westerners value 'independence', 'free thought' and 'truth' more than 'social harmony', 'family' and 'duty'. People from Asia tend to value the latter 3 more. 

Soon you'll get a better idea of what your date is like and if she's for you.

Get a Better Idea of What Type of
Woman from Asia You'd Genuinely Like!

Check out my mentor RedpoleQ with Pickupasia's opinion above.  Could you be the kind of guy that attracts beautiful women from Asia naturally?

Non-Westernized Ladies Who Have Been Abroad

These beautiful Asian women have been exposed to Western cultures and values.  They have experienced a Western lifestyle but they don't care for it much.

Sure they enjoyed the experience but these women don't care to live like Westerners. 

How you can know if your date is in this category.  Chances are she hangs out mainly with locals at Oriental places.  She can speak a foreign language (probably English) and might know some of your culture.

What that means to you:  If you want to date a woman in this category you'll have to jump both feet into her culture.  You might have to learn her language and be able to hang out with her friends. They are usually quite conservative but might not look it.

Note: Click here to know more about what beautiful Asian ladies expect on dates.

Westernized Ladies Who Have Been Abroad

These ladies have been overseas and loved it.  They adopted a lot from their host culture and are very open to being with a foreign man.

How you can know if your date is in this category. Did you meet her in a foreign area?  Does she speak English or another Western language?  Chances are she's been overseas and enjoys Western culture very much.  She might had even lived overseas in which case she's very 'Western' indeed.

What that means to you:  When you go on a date with her you might feel like you're on a date with someone back home.  She might be very Westernized as she grew up in a Western community or she might just be open to being with a Westerner.

Westernized Women Who Haven't Been Abroad

You can really enjoy meeting these beautiful Asian women.  They are curious about Western culture.  This can be from the movies and dramas they see or the music they listen to. 

How you can know if your date is in this category.  She speaks some English and is wide-eyed when she talks to you.  You might have just made her day. ;-)

In any case you can easily introduce your culture to these women and you'll find her liking it.   For more on how to genuinely strike up a conversation with these pretty Asian women click here!

What this means to you.  These are the most fun to date in my opinion.  They are still quite Asian but are curious about your culture and well, you.  You bring a lot of value to her and will find yourself enjoying letting her get to know your story.

This leaves the last category.

Non-Westernized Women Who Haven't Been Abroad

beautiful asian women

These beautiful women are those who've never experienced foreign culture nor do they care to. 

This doesn't mean that they've not met a foreign.  This just means that they don't care to get to know one.

How you can know if your date is in this category. 

You won't.  Why?

Chances are you won't ever date one.  After 5-6 years I've only been able to interact with them.

What this means to you.  There are local girls who won't give you the time of day no matter what you do.  They are in their own culture and community and prefer it that way.

Which Beautiful Local Women Intrigue You?

So now that you know which type(s) of women from Asia you can end up dating - which one would you like to know more (since they're all just as beautiful)?

Decide what you want and let's work on meeting them. Find out how to start meeting Asian women with this link.
Have fun. ;-)

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