"Don't Chat Up Beautiful Japanese
Ladies Without These 3 Tips!"

Do beautiful Japanese ladies surround you?  If you're lucky enough to live in Japan that is!  

What warm-blooded man wouldn't want to get to know them better?  When I took a quick trip to Fukuoka I found myself ogling over how pretty they were.  I even took out a language book to practice chatting with them!

But then what's the best way to connect with beautiful Japanese women? How can you present yourself in a way that would make them want to talk to you (and maybe more?)

Attention! The first thing you can do might put you out of your element. ;-)

Have a 'Goofy-Fun' Vibe

beautiful japanese ladies

Hot Japanese women are all about having fun. 

As long as you're not keep your conversations light and playful they'll love you.

In fact acting goofy works great. 

For example if you're in conversation and suddenly you say "yay!" at the end of a sentence - she would love it.

In fact the more you act like Jim Carrey or the Three Stooges the better you'll do.  In the West you might be seen as comical. 

Japanese women will find you adorable!

Personally I like acting goofy-fun (when I was a kid I had younger siblings I would joke around with) so I have a blast.  How about you?

Keep Things Simple

beautiful japanese ladies

Keep your jokes and questions simple. 

Ideally talk to her as if you're talking to a child. 

I don't mean: be condescending. 

I mean keep your communication simple, positive and fun. 

Use body language if you can and be patient as she tries to figure out what you're saying.

I remember how annoyed I got in Osaka once because I was trying to ask a beautiful Japanese lady if she'd ever flown to a foreign country. 

She didn't understand it and I had to be patient.  Eventually I gave up on the question altogether and just asked something simpler like "can you cook?" 

That worked better because the conversation went smoothly and gave me a based on which I could continue. I could then ask "what food can you cook?" and then give examples.

This kind of chatting works wonders in Japan (especially if you don't speak Japanese.)

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Assume COMPLETE Responsibility of The Interaction

Beautiful Japanese girls aren't used to leading interactions.  In fact they don't do it at all.  That's why you'll have to do all the heavy lifting.

This means

 • take charge of what topics you'll pick
 • lead the interaction from platonic to more intimate

 • make her have a good time because she won't do it for herself

Do that and you'll be able to land a date in Japan guaranteed!

What Else Can You Do To Meet Beautiful Japanese Ladies?

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Have fun! ;-)

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