Is That Beautiful Thai Girl
Really What You Think?

Talking with a beautiful Thai girl but have your doubts?  How can you be sure that she's not into you for your money?

How can you guarantee that she's even a girl?

After spending time in Thailand and talking with expats who've lived here a long time - this is what we've discovered…

"How Do You Know She's Not a Freelancer?"

A 'freelancer' is the term for a woman who gets money for sex.  She would go back to your place (or where you take her) to take care of business.  Once you're done you're expected to pay her.

Now there's nothing wrong in my opinion with freelancers.  After all if it's a business transaction they have the right to do what they want with their bodies. 

I mean heck - they can choose who they want to sleep with and get paid for it! ;-)

But what if you thought you were meeting a "normal" girl and sadly discover you've met a freelancer?  Some tell tale signs are:

How they're dressed:  Most freelancers were very loose clothing.  I'm talking about very short shorts, a tank top and maybe high heels.  Granted their clothing alone might not be enough to tell.  That's why it's good to know

Where you met them:  Where did you meet her?  There are certain bars/clubs where they frequent for clients.  Did you meet her on the main street at midnight? 

In those cases chances are that hot Thai girl is a freelancer.

Besides freelancers - what else would you have be aware of?  Ladyboys...

"How Can You Tell If She's a LadyBoy?"

If the beautiful Thai woman you're talking to is

 • tall

 • too effeminate

 • looks manly in any way shape or form

then chances are you're dealing with a ladyboy.  Ladyboys also tend to frequent certain areas as a lot of them are also freelancers.  In fact one of the reasons why men become ladyboys is because of the financial opportunities.

Prefer To Listen?

Check out my interview with a long-term expat in Thailand 'Joaquim'.  Get a more in-depth account of how to tell the difference between a "normal" beautiful Thai girl and a freelancer or ladyboy.

"Where Can You Find Beautiful Thai Women?

beautiful thai girl

Most hot Thai women you meet will be just that - hot Thai women. 

If you met her in the Siam Paragon mall or on the BTS then chances are she's a normal woman (and thus won't leave you with a surprise.) ;-)

That being said - if you're in Pattaya it's a different story. 

Check out what the typical Pattaya girl is like here!

Enjoy. ;-)

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