"What Makes THE Best First Date?"

Wondering what makes for the best first date?

The answer is obvious but easy for guys to forget.  Here it is…

The greatest one is to which there is a second one.

That's it. 

This is what I tell my expat clients:  Their #1 job during that meet is to present themselves in a way that makes her want to see them again.

Our egos can get in the way and make us think that our potential dating partner was the best ever...but reality might have a different card in store for us.

So how can you boost your chances of having a second one?  Besides putting your best foot forward I recommend doing these 3 things...

Talk About The Future

When you meet her for the first time - I recommend talking about a potential future with her.  At first you can do it almost jokingly. 

For example during your fun first date conversations you ask her where she'd like to travel to. 

Let's say she answers "Egypt" you can tell her that you and her will head out there and have a great time.

You'll both ride camels and search for mummies together. ;-) 

"Isn't that setting up false expectations?"

Not if you do it jokingly.  You see - what an Asian woman wants is the option to choose if she can be with you for a day or her whole life.  This is less common with Western women in my experience.  Your job is make her feel like - no matter what happens - you won't abandon her. 

So besides talking about a shared future together - what else can you do to make her want to have a second meet with you?

The best first date almost always includes this…

Plan The Second Meet Beforehand

best first date

Be sure to plan a second meet during your first one. 

You have a greater chance of having one if you do. 

This is because

she enjoys being with you and is willing to make sure the fun continues - When we are having fun we are in a state of joy. 

As humans we naturally want the good feelings to continue. 

So we are willing to agree to them while we are experiencing them. 

If we aren't in "the moment" we are less likely to agree to them.

Think about going out to see your friends.  If you're at home and your friends call you to hang out - chances are you'll stay home (you're tired, lazy, whatever...).  If you're already out with a friend and other friends call - you'll more likely hang out.

you can see how she reacts to the idea of a second meet - Get a better chance of knowing how she'll react…rather than wasting time wondering if calling after meting that first time is a good idea.

This is why the best sales are done face-to-face.

Deal With The Objections Beforehand

Don't leave your dating life in Asia to chance.  Take charge of what can possibly go wrong with your potential Asian girlfriend.  Make sure to ask her these 3 vital first date questions to know what objections you might deal with.

Also be sure to tell the story of my friends 'Helen and Jeff'. 'Helen' and 'Jeff' went on a first date and it was the best first date ever.  They were supposed to date again but Helen had something come up and never went. 

A few months later she found that Jeff had moved on and his new girlfriend is very pretty and happy.  Finish the story with saying - if only Helen had made it a priority to see Jeff again…

"Isn't this 'lying'?" Not really - it's about my friends.  As far as I'm concerned sometimes all is fair in love and war.  Remember - she's dating for her own best interests.  Shouldn't it the same for you too?

Make Your Best First Date The Start of Something More!

I hope that your first meet goes so well that you both leave it feeling great.  I want you and her to be so excited for that second meet-up you can't wait!

That being said - we're humans and easily get distracted.  Do what it takes to make sure your meet goes well and she'll be glad you did.

Good luck! ;-)

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