"Is Calling After a First Date Good?"

Finished your date with an Asian woman and wondering if calling after a first date is a good idea?

It's always smart to get in touch with her afterwards. If she's an Asian woman in my experience it's even better.  For most Asian women it takes more re-assurance to show that you care than with a woman from back home.

But does that mean that calling is the best way to do it?  I don't think so and here's why...

"Why Calling After a First Date Isn't Good"

When you call someone you are interrupting them from whatever they are doing.  That alone might put you in a bad spot. 

Not only that but if she's too busy to pick up - it can leave you feeling rejected and her feeling uncomfortable with having to call you back.  We've both had enough of these, right? ;-)

calling after a first date

"So what's a better solution?" Instead I recommend texting her. 

If you have a smart phone you should get the same social apps that she has. 

Depending on where you live in Asia - check out which app(s) is good for dating asian woman in your area.

If you don't have apps or a smart phone then I'd recommend texting her. 

Now let's look at what reason(s) you'd have for calling her and why you should take care of that sooner.

Calling After a First Date To Set up a Second One?

This is always a risky move and here's why:  She's less likely to commit to anything over the phone.  Not only that but you don't know how she's reacting to your date suggestion.  This is all in addition to the issues I mentioned above.

Ideally you'd want to set up a second date during the first meet.  That way you can see her face-to-face and more easily tailor your request for a second meet based on how she's reacting.

This is even more important with an Asian woman.  Chances are that on the phone she'll be polite and just say "yes".  So when you think you're meet her again in fact you're not.  It's better to see her to boost your chances of seeing her again.

"So how do you set up a second meet-up during the first one?"  Check out how to make that first date the best first date to guarantee a second one.

Why else would you call after the first meet?

"I Really Want To Talk To Her!"

The BIGGEST mistake guys make after a great first meet is to contact her too much.  Now sending a text back and forth to see how she's doing is a great idea. 

The problem comes when you text or call so much that she begins to feel suffocated.  Rather than tell you to stop texting or calling so much - she'll just disappear.. 

"How can I know that I've called/texted too much?" The best way to check that is by looking at how quickly she's responding to your texts or calls. 

If you've sent her a text or call and she hasn't responded yet…then don't contact her again until she does.  After that I recommend waiting until you have that second meet-up (or you contact her again to schedule that second one.)

"So Should You Call Her?"

Personally I stay away from calling at all.  I'd rather send her a text because it's more convenient.  Also if she's from the younger generation (born after 1990) then chances are she's never made a call in her life. 

So "stay hip with it" and stick to texting.  While you're at it - make sure you have the best first date by having a second one! ;-)

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