Enjoy Your Chinese Date With These 3 Tips!

Live in China and are soon going out with your Chinese date?

Meeting someone from a different culture is always exciting!  That being said - there are things you're not sure about.  For example

 • what small things can you do that will make her feel appreciated?

 • how would she want the date to lead into something more intimate?

 • how do you handle…the bill?

Rest easy - soon you'll get a quick understanding of what you can do to make your date with that Chinese woman a success!

Let Her Help You

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Want to make her feel good? Let her help you with your day-to-day life in China. 

Did you get a bill in Chinese that you don't understand? 

Or maybe you got a text message from your landlord but can't read Pinyin? 

Let her help you out.

She'll like it because it will give her the chance to be a part of your life.

Understand this - chances are you're Chinese date is a big fan of foreign culture. 

You fascinate her and she can imagine how challenging it must be for you to live in a new world (really.) 

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Take The Lead

Asian women in general want the man to lead.  Chinese women are no different. 

The main difference than if you were back home is that she'll more than likely go along with it and not give much input to work with.

You'll have to take guesses as to what she likes and keep an eye on her for feedback.  Rest easy - it's easier than it sounds.  Besides, she's probably just happy to be on a date with you. ;-)

So let's say you take her to a tea house or restaurant - what's the best way to handle the dreaded bill?

So...Who Pays?

Like in most countries in Asia (besides Japan where women are okay with splitting) your Chinese date will expect you to pay.

Is this good news for you?  Well...it lets her know that you care about her and that you'll take care of her (just like when her parents paid.) 

Rest easy - most Chinese women you date won't try to take advantage of your financial kindness. Note that this is different from Thai women who are infamous for wanting their boyfriends to show affection by buying them trinkets.

For the most part your dates won't be that expensive.

Also - when you get into a more intimate relationship with her she will treat you to things.  This is different than back home because unlike where you come from - your level of income is much higher than hers.

…and yet she'll still want you to know that she cares by treating you ;-)

Have Fun With Your Dates in China!

If you like her then let her become someone more involved in your life.  Chances are she'd love to and it would make your stay in China more fun.

In fact have her take you to some cultural things.  She'd love to give you a tour and you both get to have a memorable experience together.

That being said - there are things about a typical Chinese woman worth considering.  Click on the link to find out what you'd better know.

Other than that - have fun dating Chinese women! ;-)

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