3 Fun Chinese Games When
Dating Chinese Women

Discover some Chinese games that you can play with your Chinese date.

Everyone loves having fun and games are a way we can do that.  Heck we've been doing that since we were kids!

These games are great if you're at a loss of words or don't know where to take your date next.  Think of them as that 'ace up your sleeve'. ;-)

As an added bonus - you can impress her with your insider knowledge of Chinese culture.

This first one is simple and fun to do right from the start!

The Smiling Game or 'Shao Yen Youxi'

You have to make the other person smile.  You make her smile but you can't touch them.  You can only say things or do things. 

You just tell her you're going to make her smile and do or say funny things that can get her smiling.  Ideally she'd be giggling or laughing.

We haven't found a specific name for it but you can just say "shao yen youxi" which means (smiling game) in Mandarin.

What other Chinese dating games can you play?

Chinese Number Game or "Shouzhi Youxi"

Another game you can play at a bar or at home is "Shouzhi Youxi".  In this game you both throw out your hands with either 0, 5 or 10 fingers.  Right before you throw them out you are supposed to guess how many total fingers there will be. 

If you guess right you win!  So you can get her to have a drink or do a dare (or both!) ;-)

Chinese Dice Game or 'Pien Ze Youxi'

In China there's a popular dice game you can play with your Chinese girlfriend.  Ideally this works with many people so you can invite your friends (or her friends if she's keen to have you meet them.) 

There are many different types of dice games but a standard one is where each person has 5 dice and a cup.  You roll then hide your dice in the bucket.  The first person then claims to have a certain amount of dice.  If you have more then you claim it.  If you don't then you pretend that you do.

If someone catches you lying and you are then you lose.  If you weren't then she loses (and you laugh at her.) ;-)

You can play this at home or at the bar. You can invite your date to play this game but it's not very common.  Still - it's one of those Chinese games you can play with her.

"What Other Types of Chinese Games
For When Dating Chinese Women?"

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Some other quick games you can play are:

Rub Stomach Pat Head.  Ask her if she can rub her stomach and pat her head at the same time. 

You can even make it funnier by telling her that it's an intelligence test back home. ;-)

Rock Paper Scissors.  Although more popular in Korea and Japan - this game is still a hit in China. 

When you're about to order pull out your hand. 

Tell her to do the same.  Tell her that you'll decide on the dishes with 'rock paper scissors'.  She'll play along and you'll have a fun moment together. :)

Fall Back on These Chinese Dating Games

Make your date run smoothly with these fun things to do.  Got a date coming soon? Give one a try and let me know how it works out.  Don't be surprised if she's better at these than you are. ;-)

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Have fun!

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