What Your Chinese Wife
Doesn't Want You To Know

Want to have a Chinese wife?

We've all fantasized of having Chinese wives serve us tea in bed listening to the sound of birds on bamboo trees.  Or is this just me?

In any case - the reality behind marrying a woman from China might be radically different.

Even though you might think you married her…you've got another thing coming.  After living in China for 4 years my colleague and dating coach Kane revealed this to me...

You're Part of Her Family

When you marry a Chinese woman you can expect to inherit the family and look after her parents.  How come?  Because chances are they don't have son due to China's one-child policy.

She's expected to go off and raise a family instead of staying home and watching over her parents.

In any case you're still in charge, right?  Wrong! 

Read on...

Getting Married?  Change Roles

What do I mean by this?  Your roles will change as soon as you marry. You will be expected to only be the money maker.  Your Chinese wife will be expected to manage the family and the money.  She will also make sure that the child does what she wants. 

chinese wife

So be careful - Your Chinese wife might suddenly become bossy (if not already.) 

Chinese women have a tough deal growing up (take care of parents and then family.) 

Unlike most Japanese or Korean wives - your Chinese wife will probably be more dominant than you're expecting. 

She had to be her whole life because being a woman in China is hard. 

Note: The idea of the 'passive and submissive' woman from China is quite inaccurate in a lot of cases…especially if they come from the big cities but for a completely different reason.

How come?  Here's why…

Your Asian Lady Might Be Spoiled

Because most big city girls from China don't have brothers or sisters - they grow up with a lot of pampering.  So your wife from China could be a "little Chinese princess". 

She'd have an inflated view of herself and wouldn't be used to working.  This is especially true if her family's wealth boomed with the Chinese economy (and many family's wealth did.)

In fact hot Shanghainese wives for example have a poor reputation in China among expats as being 'princesses'.

This probably isn't the case for all of them but there are truths in rumors.  Reputations don't come out of thin air either.

Avoid This By Setting Your Ground Rules!

The biggest mistake guys make when marrying a woman from China is to believe all the fantasies that they heard back home. 

Remember those 'Asian women are submissive' stories? Yeah…no so with these ladies.

The 2nd biggest mistake guys make is to deny reality.  Little by little your new sweetheart can take the reigns and dominate every part of your life (just like she did with local guys she's dated before you.)

Granted - this can happen anywhere.  The problem is that with these ladies you might have your guard down. 

After all, they look so innocent!  Also she impose herself and say "this is how Chinese marriages are" when in reality it's not the case (click on the link to know what she might expect.)

Avoid this with the right knowledge and advice!  Put your name and email below and make sure your Chinese marriage goes well.  Rest easy - it's all kept private and confidential. 

Talk soon! ;-)

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