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Thinking about joining Chnlove? 

Check out what the company wants do to for you as I interview one of their top staff.

You'll find many online sites for meeting and potential dates. 

Rarely will you get that personal impression from those who help make it happen.

My interview is with 'Mandy Ma' who is part of the customer and business relations team.

So Mandy - tell us a bit about this online match-making company.

The Story of Chn Love

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Well, people often write the name of the site as "China Love" instead of "ChnLove," and that tells us the story: helping members around the world find true love in China.

As more people between the East and West interact - more and more Western gentlemen are starting to recognize the charm and beauty of Chinese women.

At the same time, Chinese women have broken from traditions and are bravely searching out love for themselves.

 It was founded in 1998 with that backdrop. Today, with over 14 years of experience and great advancements in computers and the Internet, we solidified its position as the world's leading cross-cultural dating and marriage platform.

"So How Big is 'China Love' Today?  Can
Members Use Your Services Offline Too?"

Offline we have partnered with over 100 dating and marriage agencies in over 40 cities all across China.

These agencies have amazing local resources and bring sincere lady members to the site, screening and verifying their profile information.

They also offer

 • relationship guidance

 • translation

 • help with face-to-face meetings

 • wedding arrangements and visas

Online, we have some of the most innovative and user-friendly software available:

 • video chat

 • 3-way calling

 • QPID SEAL profile verification service

 • mobile apps

 • desktop client and more

So when a gentleman joins our site:  he gets the safest, most effective and most convenient platform available for every stage in the relationship process from searching for a perfect match in China to marriage and visa arrangements.

"How Long Have You Been in Business?"

We've been around for over 14 years.

'China Love' helped thousands of gentlemen:

 • some had never been to China

 • others living in China

 •and some China experts

to fulfill their dreams of finding the perfect Chinese wife.

These members have provided countless success stories and thank you letters; and for the majority of those we have actually kept their original hand-written thank you letters, quite uncommon in the industry!

For more about these successful couples, check out some of our success stories.

In General, successful members on ChnLove tend to have some characteristics in common:

"What Common Characteristics Have You Noticed?"

chnlove couple for marriage

1. Sincerity and Patience
Nearly all ChnLove couples have language and cultural barriers, which makes sincerity and patience even more critical to success. Members are encouraged in the early and middle stages of their relationship to utilize the platform's communication tools and make full use of the language and relationship support offered by agencies.

Waiting until after the relationship is more mature before arranging in-private communications and face-to-face meetings can often help members avoid the pitfalls of language and cultural misunderstanding and develop solid, stable relationships.

2. Optimism and Curiosity
International dating is not as simple as just registering on a website and then immediately achieving success.

ChnLove makes every effort to provide a complete range of tools and services, but the fundamental driver of success will always be the members themselves and their enthusiasm and passion for finding love, and learning about the language and culture of their partner.

This enthusiasm, optimism and curiosity is important in the dating process as well as for maintaining a happy relationship after marriage.

"Thank You For Your Time Mandy - Where Can We
Go For More Information?"

You can find more of our dating tips and advice on their dedicated advice sites.

We give tips on

 • how to communicate effectively with Chinese ladies

 • insights into cultural differences

 • and even travel information.

To sum up, gentlemen who are sincerely looking for a Chinese wife should give ChnLove a try, just visit the site, register and complete a profile!

Right now - there's even a registration promotion where gentlemen can view their match's video profile for free after signing up. Anyone who needs more information can also take a complete tour to get a better picture of all services and features.

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