Where is Christian Asian Dating Possible?

Wonder where is the best place to go for Christian Asian dating and maybe marriage?

Now I don't recommend going to churches or joining Christian groups for the sake of finding Asian women to date.  That being said - if you are thinking about finding Christian communities in Asia to become a part of then you're in luck.

Get ready to discover which countries are ideal for meeting fellow Christians.

But first let's start with countries where you might have a hard time.

Potentially Worst Country - Mainland China

Currently China is closed to religious practices and doesn't care much for it.  In fact if you're in Mainland you can get in trouble for preaching your religion - let alone finding a Christian Asian community. 

My grandfather was a missionary in Mainland China back in the 20th Century - but he was married before he came. 

If you're thinking of coming to China with the hopes of finding an Asian wife in your community- you might be hard-pressed.

So what are your other options?

Countries That Are More Open To Your Faith in Asia

christian asian dating

In my experience I find Taiwan and Japan to be more open to being a Christian and joining a Christian community. 

Although Japan at one point rejected missionaries - those days are gone. 

Taiwan is very open in general so you'll more likely find Christian groups there.

Thailand is also not ideal for meeting Christian singles but still possible.  The Land of Smiles is strongly buddhist as well as most of its population. 

So where can you go to meet many Christian single who would be open to Christian Asian dating?

Your Most Recommended Country - South Korea

In South Korea there are a lot of churches and Christian groups.  Many people meet through their churches for dating and marriage.  If you can choose to come practice your religion in Asia - I strongly recommend coming to Korea. 

Since it's common for Christian Koreans to meet in their church - you too will possibly meet your potential wife through Christian Asian communities in South Korea. 

"How Else Can You Find Asian Christian Singles?"

If you're unable to move or can't go to South Korea then I recommend looking for a potential partner online.  There are many online Asian dating sites now that cater to other believers from around the world.

You're welcome to check online for one that would suit you.

Good luck! ;-)

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