The Dating Culture of Asia And Why
You Don't Need To Know It

Moved to Asia and want to start dating?  Wonder if you need to know the culture of Asia since you live there now?

Not really.  In fact unless you have an genuine interest then chances are you don't need to study it.  Here's why:

Your Asian date is probably

 • familiar with your culture
 • likes you enough anyway

 • isn't really from Asia

But does this apply everywhere in the Orient?  Not really and here's why...

You Don't Need To Know The Dating Culture of Asia

When you first move to the Orient the first Asian locals you'll hang out with are probably familiar with your culture.  Whether you've met them from work or from an expat bar you've just started going to.  The women you first date might have already dated expats before - so she'll know your dating customs already.

dating culture of asia isn't needed if you're both attracted

But…let's say she's never been with a foreigner. 

Do you have to learn her culture?  I'd say "no". 

She'll like you anyway to the point where cultures won't matter. 

You'll both have such strong attraction and a desire to make things work that you'll bypass the culture. 

If anything you'll both learn as you progress in your relationship.

Also - depending on where you live you'll meet "Asian women" who are not from the Orient.

"Not from the Orient?"

Sure they might look Asian but they've either

 • grown up overseas
 • come from a mixed race
 • or both

In any case chances are you'll meet an Asian woman and she'll be from your country!

So when should you learn the dating culture of Asia?

If you're going to North East Asia and here's why

When It's Vital To Learn The Asian Dating Culture

If you're moving to (or are in)

 • South Korea
 • Japan

 • Mainland China

then you'll want to learn about how they date.

South Korea is still culturally (and ironically) closed off.  Many Korean women you'll meet would have no idea how to date you.  You'll have to learn how to culturally date them.  In fact many hot Korean girls wouldn't want to date you - and it's not because they're not attracted either…it's just a cultural thing.

Japan's dating culture is also different.  It's good to know about how relationships happen there and how dating a Japanese woman is different…especially that first date.

Mainland China has a lot of Chinese ladies who've never even seen a foreigner.  What's more is that they'll have a more conservative culture that is worth knowing.  It's good to know what dating a Chinese woman is like first.

So...Should You Learn A Dating Culture of Asia?

Unless you live in those 3 countries then chances are you don't have to.  If you live in a big city like Hong Kong or Singapore then maybe even not at all. 

The only time you'd want to brush up on it is if you're genuinely curious.  Another time is if you want the relationship to get serious and want to know what having a serious Asian girlfriend is like.

In any case - have a fun love life in this part of the world! ;-) 

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