Charm Your Cute Asian
Girlfriend With Her
Own Secret Language

Do you have or want a cute Asian girlfriend?

They are beautiful and adorable to hang out with - but is there anything you can do to make her more into you?

You bet!  The best part is that you can do these the next time you see her (or on your next date.)

That being said - it will require an open mind and a willingness to get to know her better.

Are you up for it? Great!  Try this first

Get To Know Her Lingo

cute asian girlfriend

In Asia there are many things you can say that are cute!

In Japan you can say "Sagoi!" or in Korea you can "SingiHae!"

This is 'cool' in Japanese and Korean.

These are words you can have your girl teach you (and love it!)

When you say them it will bring you both closer together.

The best part is that they're easy to say and make you look cute (which will attract her more!)

So besides learning some of her lingo - what else can you do?

Show Her Cute Things About Your Culture

What are some cool cute things you do in your hometown?  In my case since I'm from the States we like to go "five high! Five low (take the hand away) too slow!"  That's a cute little game that you can play with her.

It doesn't have to be something you do.  It can be a picture or a popular icon.  Since I lived in France I would show her pictures of Asterix (the Gaul with superpowers.) 

I would then pretend that she just drank a powerful-making potion that suddenly makes her super strong!  I then touch her biceps as if she's suddenly tough.

What are some other things you can do with your cute date from the East?  This one gives the nice last touch.  But first...

Get an Expert Expat's Take on Having a Girlfriend From Asia

Check out my interview with Angel from DatingSkillsReview as we talk about what having a girlfriend from Asia is like.  Pick up some quick tips to date in Asia sooner too while you're at it. ;-)

Get To Know Her Culture

Is she into K-pop?  Check out some of her songs.  Does she like a funny Chinese gag show?  Watch it with her.

Yes - as a Westerner it might be difficult to bear (the Thai gag shows are tought for me to watch) but she'll appreciate it.  Who knows?  You might find something that you like!

In any case she will appreciate it and it will bring you closer together.

Get More Tips on Dating Women From Asia

Want more tips on how to better date Asian women?  Put your first name and email below.  You'll get instant access to my 9-Step Meeting to Dating Asian Women Self-Study Course that you can do at your own pace.

In any case - make sure that you enjoy your time with your girl.  I'm sure she appreciates it.  I personally love Asia's acceptance of being 'cute'.  In some places you can act like a kid again!  So go for it and have fun!

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