Get cute Asian women Talking to
you with these 3 simple steps.

Want to talk with cute Asian women but they won't give you the time of day?  

The biggest reason why most guys aren't able to have beautiful Asian women stay in conversation with them is because they miss out on a few things…

First of all - how you present yourself and what you say is different than if you were talking with a woman from back home.

So what can you do now to get that cute Asian woman talking to you?

Step #1 - Give Her An Excuse To Talk To You

The best way to get a cute Asian woman (or any woman) to talk to you is to give them a reason to. 

This is more important with Asian girls because it might be against their culture to talk to you.  For one thing casual interactions with strangers aren't common in Asia.

So start conversations with either:

"Hey there - where is (such and such)?"  Depending on where you live you can ask where a certain place is.  If she asks "why" you can tell her that you want to go there but don't know where it is.

"Hey there - what time does your phone say?" If she asks "why" you can tell her that you wanted to check if your phone was working.

Note: I recommend saying "hey there" rather than "excuse me".  "Hey there" sounds more friendly and makes you come across as a friend with a question. "Excuse me" makes you come across as a stranger who will impose himself.

Remember - it's in the messages within the messages that make the difference ;-)

Take it a step further if you want: You can put a joke in either of these conversation starters.

For example instead of saying "where is (such and such)" ask her "where is (your current location)".  When she says that you're already there you can act surprised and say "oh!  Thank you!"

Or instead of saying that you want to check if your phone is working, you can say that you were checking if her phone was working. ;-)

This gets a bit of a laugh which will make her more comfortable with talking to you.

So let's say you can start conversations, what can you talk about next?

Step #2 - Reward Her!

cute asian women

Let's say that beautiful lady from Asia answers either of the first top questions. 

You can reward that her for helping you.

In either case you can reward her by saying:

"Thank you! You save my life - High five!" 

And put your hand up slightly to give a high five (Ideally next to shoulder at head level.) 

Once you have it up then pause. 

Stay still for three seconds. 

She will give you a high five within three seconds.

So raise your hand like she'd give you a high five and count to three. If by the end of those three seconds she doesn't you then put your hand down and act sad.

Pretend that you're sad (even like your wiping your tears.)  She'll find this cute and funny.  Once she laughs you can do this.

Step #3 - Qualify Her!

Once she laughs or gives you the high five you say:

"You have a good taste of humor!  What's your name?"  She should give you her name and bingo - you'll have a conversation starting.  If she doesn't then just pretend that you're sad again. She'll laugh again and you can try again.

Once you get her name you can give her yours and start a conversation with her.

Will This Always Work on Cute Asian Women?"

No of course not.  This is however easy to do and most importantly - it's fun! 

It is also geared towards any beautiful lady from Asia because it's cute!  Most women in Asia respond well to cuteness (Japanese women especially.) 

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