"Are Cute Japanese Women Easier To Date?"

Excited to be living in Japan and to have cute Japanese women all around you?

I bet you are! 

Not only will you experience an exotic culture (even compared to other Asian countries in my opinion) but you can have a very fulfilling dating life.

Or can you?

Discover the truth about women from Japan through dating coaches who have lived there as expats. 

Know what 'the deal' is so that you can make sure that the cute girl you choose to date really likes you…or if she has no other choice than to be with you.

Most Girls Prefer To Date Local Guys

This makes sense right?

Back home women from your country prefer to date locals.  It's the same deal with ladies from Japan as well. 

So all the rumors you've heard that hot women from Japan prefer expats are unfounded...no matter how bigger we are. ;-)

But wait - would all these ladies avoid dating expats if they could?  What are these "foreign-lovers" like?

Let's find out!

"What Are Local Women Who Are Into Expats Like?"

In general these women are more international.  They've either lived overseas or are familiar with foreign (or gaijin) cultures.

These women also can enjoy a better relationship with expats.  The dynamic is much better:  she can

 • bypass Japan's cultural expectations of her gender (staying quiet, etc...)

 • enjoy being the person who introduces you to Japan's culture

 • more easily 'reel' you in because you don't know "the deal" in Japan

These  women are also well educated but not attractive by local guys' standards (but are into Western standards.) 

For example they might also be too old for local men's tastes (anyone over 29 years old.)  In fact many local girls who are over 30 and live with their parents are called "parasite single". 

Also the really Asian-looking Asian girls ("small eyes" in Japanese terms, black hair, a bit on the thicker side, etc…) are more of a turn on for expats rather than Japanese guys.

Also these women have stronger personalities which local men don't like. Check out these pictures:  Which one do you like more?

cute japanese women

What most local guys would prefer

cute japanese women

What most 'Gaijin' would prefer

So her options for dating foreign guys are better than dating local guys. That makes her get to find dating you to be "easy". ;-)

For a small pool of local women this is the case.

Only a Small Pool of Women
 Decided To Date Foreigners

Only a small group of women in Japan have decided to date foreigners...and this can go from a casual encounter to a semi-serious relationship.

The thing is that the expat community in Japan is very transient:  Many foreigners leave Japan regularly.  Expats stay in the Orient anywhere from one to three years.

So she ends up dating a lot of guys (and of course gets more and more experience meeting Gaijin.

Is there anything wrong about this?  I'll leave that up to you do decide.

But what if you want something more serious?

Can You Go The Next Step
With Cute Japanese Women?

What if you want to get serious with a women from Japan?  Would her family be okay with interracial dating and marriage?  Does it even matter? 

In our experience chances are that she is. 

If you plan on going back to your home country - would she be okay with leaving with you?  Or would it be the same as in Korea where most women would choose to live near the family regardless?

In our experience cute Japanese women are okay with living overseas.  Granted it depends where (hopefully not in Greenland!) ;-)

She might have never done it because of financial reasons - but she'd love to.

Until then - have fun dating in Japan and enjoying yourself. ;-)

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