Date English Girls in Hong Kong
With These 3 Expat Tips

Rather date English girls in Hong Kong?  Not everyone wants to be with an Asian woman.  In fact many guys get tired of dating a local and want to be with another expat.

If that's the case then you're in luck and here's why.

First off you

 • share a more similar culture and language

 • are both expats and are thus more open to meeting new people

 • have common experiences about coming to a new place

But wait!  There's more…you have other advantages you can enjoy.

3 Reasons Why Your Western Dating Life Will Soar

Western women have less options in HongKong. In Asia most Western men are keen to go for Asian locals.  It's common in places like Thailand, Japan and yes…Hong Kong.  So Western ladies have a smaller dating pool because of that.

Many English ladies want to feel 'sexy' again.  Let's face it - Local ladies naturally have slimmer bodies and petite figures that make many Western women envious. 

Combine that with Western guys dating the Hong Kong women and they don't feel so 'sexy'.  If you actively go out to date English girls in Hong Kong they will feel 'sexy' and will act on your advances.

You're much easier to date.  Many Western ladies would rather date and skip learning the culture and a new language.  Dating you is much easier than dating a local Hong Kong guy. 

Combine that with (I'll dare say it) most local guys not matching what Western women want and you'll be a breathe of fresh air.

Not only that but many ladies are focused on their careers so the simpler the dating is - the better!

So how can you get started?

Tip #1 - Go Meet Them

Events in Hong Kong like Internations are really about "hooking up". 

Sure - they are "social business" events but in the city they're known for being a 'singles watering hole'. 

If you haven't yet go on the Internations website and become a member.  It takes minutes and you'll be glad to go at their events.  Usually they're on the first Friday of the month at 9pm somewhere in Central.

You can also join online meet-up sites like HongKong Cupid that are free to join.  You can even start messaging the English ladies on there that you find attractive within minutes!

Tip #2 - Socialize As You Would Back Home

When it comes to getting a date it's like making it happen back home.  Even if you had a hard time in your home country the women will be more open to your advances in Hong Kong. 

Remember - they don't have as many options as they used to. 

As long as you ask for her number or set up a date (sooner or later in your interaction) then you're gold.

Speaking of the date...

Tip #3 - Set Up A Date And Give Yourself The Best Chances

Make sure you set up a date with the best chances for something more.  Grab a sample copy of 'The Art of The Date' that fellow expat and Dating Coach 'RedpoleQ' has written.

You'll also get a step-by-step guide for how to have a satisfying relationship in Asia no matter your background or physical appearance.

Enjoy Your New found Dating Life!

date english girls in Hong Kong

Wanting to Date English girls in Hong Kong (or any Western woman) is great.

I've dated Western expats in Asia and enjoyed it (yup - that's me!) 

Great benefits are that you

 • have more choice

 • come across as a better 'catch'

 • can speak the same language and come from the same culture

Who knows? The next girl you meet might be from your home town! You might decide to be more than   just a 'casual encounter' as you've accidentally chatted up 'the one for you'.

Enjoy! ;-)

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