Date in Asia Conveniently!

Want to land a date in Asia and enjoy doing it too?

Asian ladies are beautiful and when you find one who matches your physical and personality criteria then you're in heaven! ;-)

I would know - I've been there and loved it!

How do we get started? What's the easiest and most convenient way to start getting dates with Asian women near you?

Rest easy old buddy - soon you'll discover 3 simple ways to meet Asian women and that

  • allows you enjoy an Asian woman's company and still be yourself
  • keeps you busy with fun social activities
  • makes your time in Asia more exciting and adventurous

Excited yet? Let's get to it!

Rather Listen?

Sit back and relax as Asia's top dating coach 'RedpoleQ' from Pickupasia gives you his take on how to meet Asian women for dating.

Meet Asian Women At Your Convenience

Whether you're a social butterfly or prefer to spend time at home - you're in luck!

These days with the internet and mobile phones you can date in Asia at your own pace and with women you choose.

Here's how - choose between meeting Asian ladies:

  • offline
  • online
  • with your smart phone

Let's start with my favorite way - offline.

date in Asia

Meet her offline - Join social clubs that are made for expats or for people with your hobbies and interests.

Do you like to go out for drinks? Check out some social groups that meet up at a particular bar or lounge and join them!

Prefer to study the Asian local language of your town?

Search for groups that do that already and join it! You can search via Facebook or

You get the point.

For example when I was in Seoul I wanted to go to a Buddhist temple. I joined a group of expats and while at the temple I met a woman whom I dated shortly thereafter. She was part of the social group and not from the Buddhist temple. ;-)

She was great and I would have never met her if I hadn't gone on that social trip. For more on how to find Asian dating women near you offline click on the link.

How else can you find Asian singles? You can either use your

  • computer or
  • smart phone

I'm assuming you have one of these or you wouldn't be on ;-)

Benefit from them because you can now find Asian girls who match what you want in a woman and conveniently contact/meet them from anywhere.

Land a Date in Asia From Your Bedroom!

Prefer to meet women at home from your laptop? Now you can. Depending on where you are in Asia you can join online dating sites for free. Some common ones are of course '' or ''

These are good but I recommend joining sites that have women from where you are. For example if you live in Thailand join ''. If you're in Hong Kong join ''.

It's a better idea because you'll more likely find an Asian woman near you. If you join the 'Asian' dating sites chances are you'll be chatting up Asian ladies from the Philippines even though you live in Beijing (for example.)

In any case join those sites for free and find women who match your ideal type.

And that's not all you can to get a great date - allow your smart phone to become your best friend. ;-)

Make Your Phone Give You Dates!

Nowadays there are apps that you can use that will find women for you! You heard me right. You can let your phone find you a date anywhere in the Orient.


Check out my in-depth article on which apps and social programs help you find an Asian dating female near you.

Still Can't Find a Date in Asia? Contact Me!

Allow me to be your last resort when all else fails (no, we won't go on a date!) ;0)

Your situation might require more specific attention so let guys who've 'been-there-done-that' give you a 2nd opinion.

In any case you're in for a heck of a ride. I love to go on dates in the East and find Asian women fun to get to know on a romantic level. I also love that you can now choose to meet the women you like more than ever before.

So make yourself comfortable and enjoy your new dating life in Asia. ;-)

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