Go From Dating Asian Females
Around You To More Intimacy

Want to start dating Asian females around you?

Good for you - as long as you make sure you avoid the biggest 3 mistakes most guys make.

"What are those?"

After being a dating coach in Asia for 5 years - most women from Asia complain to me that their dates are either too creepy or too nice.

This is too bad because a slight change in understanding dating dynamics can change that.  What's more is accepting the cultural differences between you and her.

Rest easy - simply apply these 3 tips below to make sure that your dates will like your advances and be okay with getting more intimate with you.

Let Her Know You Find Her Attractive And Why

The biggest mistake guys make when dating Asian females around them is that they make a wrong assumption -  They assume that their new date knows what they're thinking.

Do you find her attractive?  I recommend letting her know.  Tell her that you like her!  Granted make sure you do this second part too…

Tell her 'why' you like her.

Most women from the Orient don't feel comfortable with a guy who likes them…if they don't know why.  If it's just because of their looks then these Asian girls cross the guy off as a pervert.

It has to be because of something she said or done.  Did she make a joke?  Tell her you like her for that!  Does she play the piano?  Let her know that you like that about her.  Note that the more genuine it is (or comes across) the more successful you'll be.

This will make sure your date with her will naturally go into something more intimate.  But is 'attraction' enough?

Not at all - and here's why

Share Intimate Stories About Yourself

When dating Asian females around you you'll notice how shy they can be.  Your date might not want to share much about herself and here's why:

She doesn't want to be judged.

So how can you help her out of her shell?  Let her know that you're in the shell with her - and you'll break out of it together.

"How do you do that?"

The next time she tells you something about herself (no matter how small it is) share something about yourself too! 

For example if she tells you that she lives with her parents tell her that you too used to live with yours but you've moved out and what it's like for you.

dating asian females around

Most expat guys judge her. 

Most of her dates would say "aww you can't live alone?"

"Are you still a baby to live with your parents?" 

That attitude would just encourage her to stay quiet for the duration of the date (like in the picture on the right.)

Make yourself stand out by sharing similar stories about yourself. 

As the date goes on you'll discover more and more about yourselves. 


Because she'll feel comfortable with sharing more with you.

Got it? Great!

So she knows you find her attractive and why, she also knows that she can connect with you.  What's left?

The biggest hurdle for most men when they're dating Asian females around them - sharing their deepest secret.

Display Your Sexual Desire For Her

Most guys are too scared to show that they find their Asian date 'sexy'.  This is a pity.


If you've done the above right then she'll want you to find her sexy.  In fact she'll be glad you do!  She might not say anything (to not come across as 'easy') but secretly she likes to know that cool guys get lustful over her.

So how do you show your sexuality?  You can do it by giving her a sexual look or casually touching her.

Note: a sexual 'look' is not the same as sexual 'stare'.  Nor is 'casually touching' the same as 'putting your hand where it doesn't belong'.  There is a finess to it that's worth practicing.

You all set?

Practice Dating Asian Females Around You Today!

Get a handle on these skills and your Asian dates will leap at the chance to be with you!  It doesn't matter whether you're in Taiwan or Thailand - biologically women are the same and crave those 3 things.

For tips and techniques on how to get better at dating Asian women (such as how to powerfully show your sexuality) - put your first name and email below and we'll get you up-to-date.

Talk soon!

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