Make Dating Asian Girls
Easier With These 3 Tips

Want to start dating Asian girls?  Maybe you just moved to a town in Asia and are new to the place.

The local ladies around you are beautiful and are famous for being more feminine (which we enjoy as men, right?) 

That being said - what are 3 things you could do now that would boost your chances with dating Asian women?

Get ready for 3 practical things that will help you no matter where you are or what country in the Far East you're in.

Tip #1 - Go To Social Events

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Even if you're not planning on meeting anyone - consider going to social events in your town. 

As long as you're out and about you will naturally meet women from Asia.

Go to free language classes - When I first moved to Korea I would go to free language classes on weekends. In fact if you're in Seoul you can join one just like this.

This was great because not only did I learn a new language…I also would meet women.  Heck some of the volunteer teachers where I studied were open to dating expats.

Go to bars near your place - Even if you're not big into going out - it's a good idea to find a bar near your place to hang out.  If you're not a big social drinker you can just grab a Soda, sit down for a bit and then go.

Join an online dating site - If you'd rather meet then date Asian women more conveniently you can also try online.  There are great Asian dating sites worth joining where you can meet some right away.

So besides meeting more women from Asia - what else can you do improve your chances?

Tip #2 - Dress To Attract Her

What would your ideal woman from the Orient wear?  Think about it for a second.  Stop reading this and close your eyes (wait a sec.) ;-)  What would she wear?  Where would she hang out? 

You can open your eyes now. ;-)

When you spot women you find attractive and who have (dang it) boyfriends - what are their boyfriends wearing?  I recommend copying their fashion.

Is he wearing jeans and a cool T-shirt?  Get some clothes that are similar.  What about his shoes?  Get some that are similar as well.

You can even go a step further by wearing that fashion but with your identity.  For example are you a musician? Then I'd recommend wearing jeans and a cool T-shirt with a picture of instruments. 

So you're out to meet women from Asia and are dressed the right away…what else can you do now?

Tip # 3 - Smile and Say "hi"

As simple as this sounds - it's the most valuable thing you can do.  The next time you're out and about you'll see beautiful local women walking your way.

Once you're close enough, look into her eyes, smile and say "hi".  Even if she doesn't speak English she'll know what it means.  Also if you're dressed in a fashion that the kind of women women you're attracted like - she'll look at you.

So the next time you go out, dress in a way that your ideal women would like and when you're close enough, just

 • look as close as you can towards her eyes

 • smile
 • say "hi" (or if you can say it in her language - go ahead)

Want More Advanced Dating Asian Girls Tips?

For more advanced ideas and techniques that cater towards dating Asian women put your first name and email below.  Rest easy - it's all kept anonymous. ;-)

You'll instantly get your hands on my 9-step Self Study Course for meeting and dating Asian women.


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