Is Dating Asian Women REALLY "Easy"?

Fancy dating Asian women since you're in Asia? I bet your friends told you how "easy" it would be…but is it really?

dating asian women

If you were anything like me when I first came to the Orient you'd have found out (too quickly) that having a relationship in Asia wasn't that simple. 

In fact most Asian stereotypes you've heard just weren't helping!

How come?

Accept that you are now a minority in an culturally alien world.

That's why these 3 practical tips for dating Asian girls get you dates sooner.

You have to re-discover everything from living to eating and of course -meeting women.

It doesn't matter whether you live in Beijing or Hong Kong - get ready to make some adjustments.

rest easy - I'll be right there with you! ;-)

First let's dispel the myth (and pointless belief) that dating Asian women is any easier than back home...

Disclaimer: I believe that women are equal around the world and that are each unique. These stereotypes and generalities comes from my own experience and that of my fellow expats who've lived in Asia for 10+ years.

In no way do they apply all the time and to every woman. That being said they give you a solid foundation of what girls from Asia are like.

Why Our Friends Back Home Don't
Know About Romance in Asia

Let's accept the obvious reason: they have never lived in Asia. They probably got their information from the movie 'Full Metal Jacket' or from what their Western-Asian guy friends said (who grew up in the West and don't have a clue either.)

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure your friends are very knowledgeable in other areas. Just maybe not when it comes to how to get a girlfriend in Asia as an expat.

That being said - it's not their fault. They don't mean to mislead you. In fact they want to help you.

So how come we believed that getting a girlfriend in the East was effortless? Let's go back in time...

Get Quality Advice From A "Pro" in Asia

Check out what Asia's #1 dating coach 'RedpoleQ' with PickupAsia has to say in our interview below.

When Dating Asian
Women was "Easy"

The fact is that a century ago people in most Oriental countries such as Korea or Thailand were poor. A lot of people were practical and any chance they had to escape their poverty they'd take it.

That's when expats dating Asian women was "easy". Foreigners were seen as a ticket out of poverty. Any poor woman who had the chance to marry an expat would probably take it.

Let's check out Korea in the 1960s. If a Korean woman married an American G.I. and escaped to the States her community would say that she was living the 'American Dream' ( 'Ah-Meh-Ri-Can Duh-Rim' or '아메리칸 드림' ). Discover why Asian White dating is popular in your area today.

These women were so poor and had so little social value in Korea that they gained a lot from dating a foreigner like you with a chance at marriage.

Since in the West we only heard stories of these women who "married-to-escape" it made us assume that having a relationship in Asia was 'easy'.

In reality most women in the Far East who had social value and/or money in their own community did not date a foreigner (nor cared to.) Guess what? More local women no longer have to run towards meeting or marrying an expat for money.

The Truth About Dating Asian Women Today

If you're an expat you have to adapt to your new life situation if you want to date in Asia.  Accept that you are a minority and an outsider which means that for dating Asian women you'll have to:

• attract local women with your personality and social skills

• improve your social skills

• discover and adapt to her culture

So in reality you'll have to improve yourself and meet Asian women if you want to go on dates with them. It's just like back home only the game has changed...and you've got to make dating in Asia fun for yourself.

In fact if you're white you discover the truth behind Asian Caucasian dating on the link.

"Then Why is It Effortless
For This 'Guy I Know'?"

In my opinion and experience you can only do well if you:

• were already good with women in your own country

• are an foreigner in a place where expats are still a novelty

• have solid social status and money

• hang out in 'expat' areas where the local women are exclusively into foreign men


If you are anything like me when I first came to Asia you have none of these.

That's okay…soon you'll discover how to have a competitive advantage and to go on dates with Asian women who want to date YOU.

Want to land a date in Asia at your own pace? Click on this link for 3 simple ways you can start to meet beautiful local women now!

Final Thoughts on Dating Asian Women

Relax if you've been having a tough time. Give yourself a break: You're in a different world and no one gave you the 'guidebook' to it. Well now you have it and soon you'll date in Asia with confidence and by using your personality.

Have fun! ;-)

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