"Where is Dating Chinese Girls Simpler?"

Moving to China?

Where should you go if you want to enjoy dating Chinese girls?  If you're like most people and think that all cities in China are created equal, you've got another thing coming. ;-)

Women from China are also different depending on where you live.  That being said - which city would suit your other needs aside from dating Chinese women?

Don't Speak Mandarin?  Live in...

dating chinese girls

...either Beijing or Shanghai.

These cities can make your transition into mainland China a lot easier. 

They have a big expat culture and many beautiful local women here speak English.

Beijing is more famous for its cultural side. 

Most expats and women from China who go to Bejing go there to study. 

That being said the city is quite cold and there's a lot of pollution. 

One thing you will love about Beijing is 'Sanlitun'.  It's one of the upscale districts and dating girls from there will be fun!  Everyone I've talked to who's been there says that the women are fun and easy going.  I gotta check the place out this year!

Shanghai on the other hand is more of a financial city.  Many people from China go to Shanghai to make money.  In fact - it's unfortunately made many Shanghainese women arrogant (compared to say the 'Beijingers'.)

One area that's fun to go to is 'the Bund' and 'Tsin Tian Di'.  Many expats and Chinese locals go there to socialize and have fun.

Note: Do be careful in Shanghai…many Chinese women there are looking to scam you.  If you ever get an invitation for 'Chinese tea' or 'KTV' then walk away.  One time 3 beautiful Chinese ladies invited my Korean friend for some KTV. 

It turned out they were trying to scam him…actually they did.  He had to pay 3000 yuan for a few drinks and the chance to sing with them.  Yikes! I guess he got 'Shanghai-ed'. ;-)

Personally I didn't see too many beautiful Chinese women in Shanghai.  I was only there for only 2 weeks so maybe you'll have a different take than I will. I also went during the summer when it was so hot you couldn't focus on meeting Chinese women.

One thing to keep in mind is that these cities are relatively pricy.  Rents have gone up a lot.  Also you can expect to pay 'Gwai Lo' (foreign) top prices in a lot of the places.

The price you pay for having the reputation of being seen as 'rich'. ;-)

If that reputation doesn't match your bank book then there are other cities I recommend living in for dating Chinese girls.

Short on Funds? Live in...

...Chengdu, Guanghzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzen

These cities are do-able because they are much cheaper to live in compared to Shanghai or Beijing.  They are also advanced enough so that you can enjoy a similar lifestyle as you would back home.

That being said - the challenge is that these cities have a smaller expat community.  In fact you can expect to deal with a lot of Chinese culture as soon as you arrive there.  Are you okay with that?

Rest easy though - They are also close enough to a major city (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong) so you can always just take a trip to a bigger expat community (if you need a taste of 'back home'.) 

When it comes to dating Chinese girls, enjoy yourself because many Chinese locals there are looking to meet expats.  You will be more of a novelty which would make your dating life a lot simpler.

"Get The Low-Down on Dating Chinese Women"

Make sure you know how to date Chinese women when you get there.  Put your first name and email in the box below and make your dating life in China easier.

Enjoy! ;-) 

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