"Start Dating Chinese
Women With These Tips"

Live in China and want to start dating Chinese women?

Make it easy on yourself (and her) as you set up a date with what you're about to discover.  It sets up the date in a way that are convenient and smooth.

Understand that most Chinese girls you met have probably never met a foreigner before...your potential date included.

"So what?"

That means that if you try to set up a date the way you would with a woman from back home - it would fall flat.  So how do you go about getting a date?

Two words - Language exchange.

What is 'Language Exchange'?

dating chinese women

This is where you and her meet up to study each other's language. 

Most people prefer this method for studying then going to a formal class. 

You get to be more casual about learning Chinese and it's free for the both of you!

So let's say you meet a Chinese woman and you can tell that she'd want to get to know you better - what do you do?

Note: Want to meet Chinese women for dating?  Click here to discover how.

Set up A Language Exchange

Tell her that you want to learn Chinese and that you can teach her some English.  This does more than give you reason to meet again.  It also

 • helps her feel comfortable with meeting you again (plausible deniability)

 • gives you the chance to take her somewhere you can both be intimate

 • lets you learn some Chinese! :)

So ask her for her number and to do language exchange.

Guarantee the date...Expats who've lived in China will tell you that many times a 'yes' can mean 'no'.  How does this apply to you?  Make your 'language exchange' date more solid by setting it up on the spot.

Unlike a Japanese or Korean woman, a Chinese woman is less likely to not show up once you've set up a date.

Study At Your Place

If you want to get more intimate (which she probably wants as well) then study at your apartment. 

"What if she's not comfortable with going at mine?" That's understandable. 

After all you barely know each other.  In that case just go to a coffee shop or tea house nearby.  Get to know each other better as you study each other's language.  Once you have the impression that she's comfortable with you then go to your place to "keep studying". ;-)

Attention! Your Chinese date might genuinely think that you only want to study with her (when in reality you'd like to date her.) 

If by the time you bring her to your place and she can't take the hint - maybe you'd want to reconsider being with her.

Rest easy.  Most girls from China know the deal and are actually glad that you've made it so that they can feel comfortable with going to your place.

Get An Expat Dating Coach's Advice

Check out what expat dating coach 'Kane Vast' with PickupAsia says about dating in China.  He's lived in Mainland for 5+ years and coaches Chinese guys in Shanghai.  Check out his

 • 5 quick tips to start getting dates (0:50)

 • where to go to find Asian singles (2:50)

 • ...and more!

Can Dating Chinese Women Really Be That Simple?

Currently China is going through a cultural and sexual revolution.  The economic boom has allowed a lot of Chinese to explore areas they never would have before. 

For a lot of Chinese - dating an expat is something they'd like to try.  All I can hope for is that you're respectful enough to make sure she enjoys the experience and would like to try it again.

That choice, however, is yours.

Have fun…she will! ;-)

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