Begin Dating Hong Kong Women
with These 3 Practical Tips

Want to start dating Hong Kong women?

Hong Kong is a great city and having a Hong Kong date makes the place even sweeter.

But how can you get started with having a fulfilling love life in the city?  Not to mention - how can you find time for meeting women with such a hectic life?

Hong Kongers do work hard but they play hard to.  Make your time spent in dating Chinese women more effective to have that part of your life taken care of too.

Dating Tip #1 - Meet Hong Kong Women

This is a no-brainer.  You have to meet Hong Kong women first if your want to date them.

"Where can I meet them as quickly as possible?"

If you have a social circle you can hang out with them.  They'll more than likely introduce you to some Chinese ladies.  If not you can try

Lang Kwai Fong on Weekends - many HongKong women go there to meet and potentially date expats.  Check it out on Friday or Saturday (it's at Central MTR).

Social events on Weekends - There are many social events that women go to for "socializing".  You can check out Internations on Fridays which I've always enjoyed going to.

"what if you don't want to use weekends for meeting Chinese women?"

Meet HongKong Women online - Check out HongKongCupid to find women who'd want to date you.  There are many Chinese ladies who don't have much time for romance either (but would love to.)  Set yourself up with a profile and you can get started!

Okay - let's say you've decided to meet them.  How do you get a date?

Dating Tip #2 - Know What To Do or Say

When it comes to how to be social for Hong Kong dating as soon as possible I recommend checking out what PickupAsia.  I used to work with them and recommend the main instructor fully.

The main instructor have taught guys in Hong Kong before.  In fact you can check out this News report with me when I worked with PickupAsia.

Watch me start a conversation with the Hong Kong ladies at Knutsford Terrace.  I'm leaning back (actively disinterested) and proceed towards sitting down and continuing from there.

Dating Tip #3 - Have The Right Tools

When it comes to dating in Hong Kong it's important to have the right tools.

Get Watsap - All the Hong Kong locals have this app on their smart phone.  It's like US$1.00 and worth every penny.

Have a few regular places - Find some nice and fairly-priced restaurants and bars for your dates.  Ideally you'd want places that are open late because more Hong Kongers work late (as probably do you.)  You can pick local or Western places - that's never been a problem for my clients and myself in Hong Kong.

Make Your Hong Kong Dating Life More Convenient!

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