Make Dating in Asia Fun and Successful!

Begin dating in Asia and share your life with one of the beautiful Asian women that surround you.

That being said - Asia isn't "easy mode" for bringing women into your life.  You do have to work at it. 

What are 3 things you can do NOW that will allow you to

 • have fun on your dates
 • boost your chances of dating her
 • become a better person at the end of it?

After 6 years as a dating coach in Asia this is what my clients have benefited the most from.

Look For Fun Things For Dates Near You

Walk around your neighborhood for places that would show your personality or that you would enjoy.  For example I found a Thai restaurant near my apartment in Hong Kong.  Having lived in Thailand (and speaking some Thai) I would like to bring my Asian date to that restaurant and give her a fun experience.  I also impressed her with my Thai speaking skills. ;-)

These places can also allow you to be more intimate and talk comfortably.  This would make her want to spend more time with you as she can comfortably get to know you.

After all you are a foreigner and she'd love to hear stories of your hometown.  You might enjoy sharing your expat experience too!

So finding fun things for your dates nearby will make the dating experience fun for the both of you.

What else is a must for dating in Asia successfully?

 Have The Skills To Date in Asia

Are you able to get a date in your hometown?  Being in an "easier" place like Asia won't make up for that lack of skill.  I recommend that you take a look at Pickupasia's training courses and consider signing up with them.

The teachers support you from knowing how to meeting to how to seduce your dates.  They keep everything confidential and make sure that both you and your Asian date(s) benefit.

Note: I've taken their course and am affiliated with them.  Their products rock and are worth taking if you have the ability to invest and commit to yourself.

Accept that dating in Asia is not "easier" and get busy and improving your dating and social skills.  That is…unless you're okay with letting your money and status be the only things you can offer her (if you have them.)  In which case I recommend keeping an eye on her.


Because anyone else can offer more money and/or status (unless you're Mark Zuckerberg!) ;-)

So improve your ability to present your personality and making her feel comfortable at dating you. 

Sounds tough?  That's okay.  You won't find your ideal Asian lady tonight.  So be patient and make the process a self-improving one.

Be Patient And Do Other Things
That Make You More Attractive

Be careful as most people underrate this one.  If you spend time doing things that you enjoy and that benefit you as a person you will do better with your dating in Asia.

For example I like to study the local language and go to the gym.  I improve myself and make myself more attractive to local ladies.  On top of that I boost chances of meeting an Asian woman at the gym or the language club. 

Does this sound like something you'd like to do more?

Get Practical Date Tips Sent Straight To You

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Enjoy your upcoming dates in the Orient! ;-)

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