Dating a Japanese Woman Soon? Get Ready!

Moved to Japan and are about to start dating a Japanese woman?  

She is gorgeous and looks so exotic!  How can you make sure that your date goes well as you bypass her cultural expectations?  

Pick up some of the main differences to make sure you make a good first impression regardless of your cultural differences.

Most dates she's been on with local guys involve 'dinner' and 'drinks'. Stand out in her mind with these basic cultural tips.

Women From Japan Are Open To Wherever You Take Them

dating a japanese woman

Want to go to that 'all you can eat' ribs Tuesday but are afraid it might not impress your Asian date?

Think again! 

Beautiful Japanese women are generally more flexible and comfortable with wherever you take them.

Even if they're not they won't make a fit. 


Because it would go agains their culture of Ai Mai.

If you're feeling brave enough you can even invite her for dinner at your place.  You can even cook together!

Note: For more cultural differences you can expect from the beautiful Japanese women you'll meet - click on the link.

So feel free to go where you will have fun.  Chances are she'll help herself enjoy it too. 

So you go to a fun restaurant - who will pay the bill?

Most Japanese Women Are Okay With "Going Dutch"

When dating a Japanese woman she is used to 'going dutch'.  In fact there's a term you can say at the cashier and it's "Betsu-betsu". 

This is different from Korea where the 'older brother' (or 'oppa') has to pay.  Or compared to China and Thailand where expats are viewed as having a lot of money and thus should pay.

Granted it does depend on the venue you take them to.  In general your Japanese date won't expect (or want) to pay more than 1000 yen.  So if you go to expensive upscale places then you might want to pick up the tab.

That being said I recommend taking her to a more laid-back place that is part of your life (like a nice burger joint or your favorite Izakaya place.) 

Quick Tips For Dating a Japanese Woman

Show your quirks - For Japanese women it's fun to have a quirk or two.  In fact they consider it 'cute'.  Do you have a quirky laugh? Or maybe you have dimples?  You don't have to hide your quirks.  In fact your Japanese date will find it cute.  It's called 'Charm point' or "Cham Pointeuh".

Keep the drinking light - Japanese are weak drinkers (compared to Koreans for example.)  Japan doesn't have much of a drinking culture (except for perhaps Shikoku).  So if you plan on going for drinks I recommend keeping it light.

Take her to a Karaoke - Japanese go on Karaoke dates a lot and this is where you can shine!  There are English songs that you can sing and that will impress her.  Why? Because you singing those songs in proper English is a novelty to her.  Sing in Japanese and impress her more. ;-)

Get The Last Differences When Dating a Japanese Woman!

Apply these tips in your next date and watch it go more smoothly.  You can focus on becoming more intimate sooner and enjoying yourself.  Do the final preparations for your next date with these insights on Japanese ladies. 

Have fun! ;-)

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