Make Dating Thai Women Smooth By
Avoiding These Cultural Faux Pas

Want to start dating Thai women?  Make sure that your dates go smoothly by avoiding these cultural faux-pas.

In fact avoiding one of these might just save your date! One time I was having a drink with an expat friend in bar in Bangkok.  He was upset because his date would just not kiss him.  He was under the impression that she just didn't like him.  

It wasn't the case.  Avoid these pitfalls and make sure that your date goes well.

Avoid Public Display of Affection

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One thing you have to make sure is that you don't show public displays of affection. 

On my first date with a Thai girl I tried walking arm in arm with her (something I like to do.)

She was very uncomfortable with the whole thing and wouldn't let me touch her.

So be careful when touching her and make sure it's either accidental or subtle. 

Of course if you've been on a lot of dates and are somewhere private then it's another story.

Steer Clear of These Topics!

When you're dating a Thai woman it's important to know what to talk about (and what to steer clear of!)

Don't talk about politics - Sure back home it's not a good idea to bring up politics with women either.  The only difference is that with Thai women or in Thailand you can get in legal trouble if you do.  So just avoid it and spare yourself the trouble.

Don't talk about the bar scene - Expats have a reputation of going to the bars and gogos.  I recommend staying away from talking about those areas (even if you happen to like them.)

"what is she brings them up?" It's a test.  Your best bet is to say that you went with your friends once (to check out the scene) but you didn't like it.  In fact make sure you let her know that you've never been since. 

If she insists on talking about you can mention these two things:  You feel bad for the women who have to work there and that you understand how they're making money for their family.

Get An Expat's Take on Dating Thai Women

Listen to my friend 'Joaquim' and I as we talk about cultural faux pas worth avoiding when you date Thai women.

How To Make Your Date With a Thai Woman More Smooth?

Going on dates with someone from a different culture is a challenge.  Thai ladies are beautiful (and fun) and getting to know them is worth it.  Heck you might decide to get serious with one and maybe even marriage.

In any case - discover how to make your date go smother with these Thai women dating tips.

Enjoy! ;-)

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