Learn An East Asian Language More
Easily For Dating Women in Asia

Moving soon and wonder if you should start learning an East Asian language for dating in Asia?

It's important to understand if it's even worth learning another language.  This is because no matter which country in the Orient you'll live in - the language will be tough!

Rest easy - we can make it so that its not only fun but rewarding too!

After all you don't need to be fluent in it.  You just need to learn it for what you want (in this case 'dating and relationships').

So how can we get started?  Let's begin with something you can do today.

Get An East Asian Language Basic Learning Tools

That's a great place to start.  Every dialect is intimidating at first.  Let's begin with the basics.  Make a search on Youtube for a basic class you can start studying with today. 

I personally recommend a book (or a smartphone app) that is geared to beginners. In act the more 'childlike' basics it has the better it will be.

Once you have something like this you can make it a habit to learn something new for 5 minutes everyday.

You can ask fellow expats in your town for a good book and where to buy it.  Once you have a book you can start learning in these 3 ways...

Learn That East Asian Language With These Tips

east asian language for dating

Start conversations - This is a great way to learn the dialect AND meet women from Asia.  What I do is

 • have a sentence or word I want to practice

 • put it in my phone (typing it in helps you remember)

 • start conversations by asking women how to say this word or what it means

That's a great way to break the ice AND start learning. 

As you get better and better you'll find yourself learning more and more. Before you know it you'll be putting sentences together - Cool!

Watch movies or shows - this is a great way to start learning.  In fact before going to bed you can put on a show on TV (or on the internet) and spend 30 minutes a day on it.

Or you can do what I did at first.  I would put something on youtube and while it would play I would eat breakfast or have my coffee.  Most videos are only 5 minutes long.  After a few weeks of this I would notice myself using what I'd learned that day. 

Listen to music - find songs you like from your new home country and listen to them.  In fact you can probably find their lyrics in the native language and in English.  This would also be a good place to start.

Do You Have To Learn An East Asian Language?

It depends.  Do you live in a part of Asia where no one speaks English?  When I lived in Korea I was in a small part of Seoul where I was the foreign population.  If I lived in Hong Kong I wouldn't have had to learn Cantonese - for example.

I had no choice but then again I had this 2nd key to learning the language: I enjoyed it!

If you enjoy your newfound culture and want to know more then definitely learn the language.  You can study at your own pace and soon enough you'll be fine.

For me the best part (with regards to dating) was that it helped me break away from dating Asian women who already have been with expats.  I wanted to be their first (the guy who introduced them to Western culture.)  If you have a secret desire/motivation that is similar then I'd recommend learning how to speak like her.

In any case - have fun!

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