First Date Advice For
  Dating an Asian Woman

About to go on your first meet with an Asian woman and want solid first date advice?

As a dating coach in Asia for more than 4 years I've found some things that have helped my clients - and that might help you too!

These tips are simple and quick to implement.  Basically - if you want to make sure your first meet goes as smoothly as possible - do this!

Tip #1 - Prepare Beforehand

Most guys go dating without doing their homework.  When she comes around they are nervous because they don't know what they're doing!  This makes her nervous and the first meet-up falls flat.

You both come from a different culture and you've got to prepare for the cultural nuances before they happen.

"Shouldn't love just "happen naturally?" - I agree that some things can be left to improvisation…but your first time meeting her is not one of them.  You prepare for a big speech or for a game, right?  If you like the Asian woman you'll be dating - isn't she worth setting up everything beforehand? 

Also the concept of "love" is very different.  How do you know what that means for her?  Is "Asian love" the same as "love" from your country? 

"So what should I set up?"  I recommend having a plan for where to take her with these good first date ideas.  Make sure you know which first date questions you should ask her.

Also have a contingency plan - avoid what causes bad first dates.  Speaking of 'preparing beforehand' - what's your plan if things go bad?  Do you have a plan B for if she doesn't want to see you again?  What if she doesn't even show up?

So besides preparing - what other first date advice do you offer?

Tip #2 - Decide How Far You Want To Push things

first date advice Asian date

Your first meet with her is really a chance for the both of you to see if there's a match. 

It's also a way for you to see if there's a match in the bedroom. 

Now your Asian date may be open to sex on the first date but it's important to ask yourself if you are. 

Note that wanting to get intimate from the beginning is not a matter of 'time'. 

That's a myth. 

In reality it's about how many shared experiences you've had together.

 It's also about how open you've shown yourself to be about having sex sooner than what's socially expected.

"So I've prepared for my date and have decided how far to take it - what else?"

Tip # 3 - Put It In Perspective

Maybe your first meet will go well or maybe it will not.  Maybe you will think it went well when in fact it didn't.  Or maybe she wasn't as fun or intriguing as you expected so you don't want to see her again (even though she does.)

You'll face disappointment and maybe even frustration.  The dating experience itself might make you uncomfortable and cause you to doubt yourself.

I've been through dozens of dates that flopped.  Others were great but they decided to never see me again.  I've also turned beautiful Asian women down (I knew there wasn't a match so I cut our losses early.) 

Whatever happens - put things in perspective and do what my good friend recommends: Take a chill pill! ;-)

Why This First Date Advice Will Help You

That first meet is always the scariest.  You don't know what to expect and you both experience the first date jitters.  That's why the advice above will give you the best chance possible at making your meetings more fulfilling. 

For more advice on how to meet and start dating Asian women then take my 9-step Self Study Course.  Simply put your name and email below and you'll have instant access.  Oh and it's on me.

Have fun! ;-)

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