3 First Date Conversations Tips That
Make Dating Asian Women Easier

Want some first date conversations tips to help you for that first meet?

Dating Asian women (or any woman for that matter) can be challenging if you can't communicate.  This is more so with someone from a different culture and  language.

So what are some fall-back topics that you can talk to her about to will make your date with her go smoothly?

Chances are you'll be doing most of the talking!

Rest easy - Let me do the work for you. ;-)

3 Conversational Topics That Always Go Well

When it comes to dating Asian women - there are things you can talk about that work well.

Family - For Asians in general talking about family is a safe bet.  You can ask her if she has a brother or sister (or both.)  From there you can go into  if they get along or who she feels closer to.  Make sure to talk about your family connections (and that it's all positive!) ;-)

Travel - Chances are if you're from different cultures that she's curious about life overseas.  You can ask her if she's traveled and what it was like for her.  You can even ask if he she had a round-trip ticket to visit somewhere - where would she go?

Hobbies - Every woman has a hobby.  Asian women are no different.  Some of their hobbies might be limited to hanging out with friends or going to see movies.  If that's the case you can ask her about what's the funnest thing she's ever done.  Chances are she'll play along.

Sure - you can have these first date conversations from women back home too.  The thing is that your Asian date might not speak much English.  So these topics are good because you can have them in simple English.

"What else can you do to make that first date go smoothly?"

Be Sure To Keep Things Simple

first date conversations

When it comes to communicating with someone from a different culture and who speaks a different language - keep things simple.

Not only be sure to use basic English but also

Use body language - You'll have to use your body to communicate and explain yourself. 

It will be like talking to a child but it works. 

Give lots of examples - There will be times when she won't understand what you're saying.

Anticipate this. 

Be sure to have examples to give her that she can use.

For example if you ask her "Do you have a hobby?" she might not understand.  In that case I recommend giving examples such as - "do you cook?  Do you go see friends?  Do you watch movies? etc…" This will give her a better idea of what you're talking about.

Make Your First Date Conversations Work!

Going on that first meeting is always spooky.  In fact if you're really nervous I recommend checking out these tips on how to remove your first date jitters.

In any case I wish you the best of luck with her.  I'm sure things will be fine as long as you use the advice above. 

Good luck! ;-)

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