Remove Your First Date Jitters
With These 3 Techniques!

Got the first date jitters?

That's a great sign!  Do you know why?  Because it means you're human. 

Heck if Mohammed Ali can get the boxing jitters before a fight then we can get them before meeting a beautiful Asian woman again.  Granted I do hope that it won't turn into a bout! ;-)

It also means that you care about your potential relationship. That's another great sign.  The Asian woman you're about to go meet with means something to you.  You know what - I bet she's dealing with the jitters too.

So how can we actually use fear to our advantage?  Here's how...

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

When we feel the first date jitters it means that our mind is working on making your meeting successful.  This is when you want to get to work and plan out your evening.  Where will you take her?  What will you say?  Do you have some good first date ideas handy? 

first date jitters

Make a plan of how your first meet will go and you will find yourself more at ease.

Write down where you'll go and what you'll do there. 

If you're really feeling the jitters you can also write down anecdotes or stories you'll use during the evening.

You can start out by checking these good first date ideas

They'll give you ideas of where to take her and how to make the most of the venues you've picked.

So plan your evening and the fear will go away.  It's also a good time to get the right perspective...

Put Things in Perspective

Remember - this is a meet-up. This isn't a life and death situation (even if it might feel like one.)  You're going out to have fun.  You're also going to see if you're a good match.  You're also sharpening your dating skills.

SO what's the worst that can happen?  She walks away after slapping you in the face?  Note that this only happens in movies. I've never had this nor have I heard of anyone experiencing this.  Note that I've been a dating coach for years here in Asia and have never heard anything like this.

The worst that happens is that she'll stay silent and when your evening is over she'll never contact you again.  In the big scheme of things - is that something worth getting the first date jitters over?

Sometimes it's good that she walks away!  What if there wasn't a match between you too?  Heck - maybe you're the one who'll not want to see her again.

That being said - is there anything you can do before the date to relax a little?  You bet!

Take Your Mind Elsewhere...

After doing my planning and preparing some things I'll talk about during the evening - I relax.  1 hour before my date I

watch something funny - I like to watch "Whose Line is It Anyway" where the people improvise and make jokes.  It makes me laugh away my nervousness and puts me in a right state of mind.  What show makes you laugh?

call a friend to chat or talk to myself - I call up RedpoleQ and chit chat with him from time to time.  He's also my dating mentor so he also gives me some dating tips.  You can find out more about his business 'PickupAsia' on the link here.

do some light exercise - I do a few pushups and sit ups to get energy flowing.  It's another great way to use up the nervousness.  You also look bulkier for your Asian date (oh yeah!)

Still Have The First Date Jitters?

Remember - this is just a casual evening.  Appreciate the fact that you're nervous.  It shows that you're human and that you like her.  In fact it's a compliment.  She'll be nervous too!

So have fun and I wish you the best. Just make sure you avoid these bad first dates and you'll be fine.

Enjoy! ;-)

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