3 First Date Questions You
Must Ask Your Asian Date

Got a date coming up?

Better to have these first date questions ready then!

This is even more true if you're dating someone from a different culture! 

She will also ask you questions as she works on knowing you better as well.

Unfortunately most guys ask away without ever getting what's VITAL for their relationship to continue.  Rest easy - soon you'll have some questions that will give you a much clearer picture of who your potential partner is (or rather how she'll be in your potential relationship.)

Start with this simple yet crucial question...

"What's Your Schedule Like?"

first date questions

This one of the most vital first date questions. 

There's no way you and her can have another evening together (let alone a relationship) if your schedules are messed up.

For example - one time I started dating a flight attendant.

Unfortunately her schedule made it so that we couldn't meet much. 

I was free on afternoons but she was only free one day of the week. 

Note that her schedule is not just based on her job: she has social and family obligations that Asian women take more seriously than women back home.

So get to know her schedule and if there's a match between yours and hers. 

While you're at it I also recommend asking her

"Where do you live?" (Note: To not come across as a stalker you can ask instead "do you live near 'such and such'?)  The closer she lives or is near you the more likely you are to meet again. 

"Do you have a curfew?" Depending on the Asian country - the women have a curfew.  I know that Korean and Thai women have curfews.  In Hong Kong the women I was dating would laugh at me when I asked them that.  Better safe than sorry though. ;-)

Knowing if she has a curfew is important for you to plan out your evening.  Just make sure you have a few good first date ideas of where to take her.

So once you have the logistical side of the meet-up taken care of - what next?

Find out how experienced she is with expats.

"Have You Had Foreign Friends Before?"

First date questions that help you discover how much she knows about your culture is crucial.  If she has then chances are she's had a foreign boyfriend before.  This is good news!

How so?

She's comfortable with dating a foreign man (a lot of Asian women aren't.)  Not only that but she'll have a better idea of your dating culture (and maybe even casual dating culture.) 

If she doesn't have foreign friends (or the only foreigner she knows is her English teacher) then you'll have to patiently introduce her to your dating culture.

This is crucial because you'll have to calibrate your evening based on this.  She might expect you to be dating her as a local would (yikes!)  Make sure you take your time as you introduce her to the foreign things you do.

Last but not least - ask this to know what your relationship with her will be like!

"What Was Your Last Relationship Like?"

This question will give you a better idea of what she values and doesn't in a relationship.  You'll also discover what she's like in a relationship and if she's over her last one.

For example - Did she break up with her ex because he was late?  Chances are she values punctuality. 

Did she break up with him because he was always jealous?  Chances are she likes a secure guy. 

Get it? ;-)

More importantly - you can find out how much she still cares about her ex.  If you ask the question above and she goes cold - chances are she's still thinking about him.  They're probably still in contact (and I daresay that if he came back in the picture…you'd be out.)

One time I spent an evening with a beautiful Korean woman.  I asked her the question "why did you and your ex break up?"  She got quiet and said that she didn't want to talk about it. 

I kept that in mind as we continued our dinner.  She never showed up for our second date - my intuition says that she met up with her ex again.  She was just trying to meet other people (i.e. 'me').

Thankfully I got spared the heartache…well not really. ;-)

These Questions Are Great!

The best part of these first date questions is that they're in simple English.  She'll likely understand them.  Every date I've been in they've helped me plan my dates and know what to expect during my relationship(s).

Do yourself the favor and use them for yours too!

For more tips for dating Asian women sent straight to your inbox - put your name and email in the box below (don't worry, I keep it all private.)

Talk soon!

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