3 Free Asian Chat Tips
For Dating Asian Women

Want to get the most out of your free Asian chat experience while dating online?

Even though online dating is more convenient -  you still have to communicate with people.  This still means putting your best foot forward and 'starting' a conversation with a woman (in this case with a woman from Asia.)

So what are 3 quick things you can do to boost your chances for dating in Asia?

Tip #1 - Get A Profile That Works

Before even chatting with local ladies it's important to make sure that your profile is set up well.  Check out these Asian photo dating tips to make sure everything is set up properly.

Once your profile is set up correctly it's time to do the most important thing to even have a free Asian chat.

Tip #2 - Contact Her

free asian chat

First find ladies from Asia that you'd like to get in contact with. 

Have at least five different profiles.  Done? Good! :)

Send messages talking about either

 • something about their profile

 • something about their status

 • or both

Personally - I would send a message like this:

"Hi there, I noticed your T-shirt: where did you get it?" 

If she asks 'why' you can say that you're looking to buy your sister a gift. 

This gets the conversation going.

Your messages have 2 missions: be easy-to-read and enjoyable!  They also must encourage an interaction.  In fact in every email I put in a question.

Remember - your messages must

 • be fun

 • help you to build a connection

 • get her number and logistics

Once you have this information you are way ahead of the other guys and are more likely to dating her.

Tip #3 - Make Message Templates

So for each of the messages you send you'll notice some work and some won't.  The ones that get responses I recommend keeping them as templates. 

For each local woman you chat with you can send the same message and just tweak it for the woman.

You can start out with making templates for your first emails and the emails you send about yourself.

Note:  I recommend chatting in basic English.  Chances are she'll speak it.  If you can speak an Oriental language then you can make your messages in that language.

If you want to meet and date women from Asia who don't speak English then understand that it will be much tougher to meet them through online dating.  I would recommend meeting them offline.

Warning About Chatting Online!

I recommend starting with chatting only from 5 to 10 women at a time.  You can easily get overwhelmed.  Granted a reason why you chat with so many women is that many will not respond (or things won't work out.)

For the others you'll have a communication going.  When that happens you want to set up a meeting as soon as possible.

For more Asian dating tips sent straight to your inbox put in your name and email in the boxes below.  Rest easy - it's all kept private and you'll have access to my 9-step 'Meet to Date' Self-Study Course. ;-)

Have fun with it!

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