5 Fun First Date Ideas For Your Asian
Date To Enjoy Her Time With You

Want some fun first date ideas for your first Asian date?

In general you'll find dating Asian women quite similar to dating women from back home.  Except for one thing…

The things you like to do back home but that are normal to you aren't so normal for your Asian lady.  What are things you like to do back home that might intrigue her?

Here is the list of 5 things that have worked well for me.  Feel free to try them as well!

3 Dates You Can Do Tonight!

Take her to play pool - This is a great idea for your first evening together.    When's the last time you played pool?  Chances are she's never done it before (and she'll love it.)  You can even make it easier for her by setting up the balls so that you hit them in individually.  Introduce her to it - she'll appreciate it!

Have her try darts - Do you like going to bars?  You're in luck.  Your Asian date have probably never been to a bar with darts before (Asian bars are different.)  So why not grab a drink with her and introduce her to darts?

Take her to a hookah bar - This is always fun if you're okay with smoking.  You can have try out some fun tastes and watch the smoke.

If she's feeling brave enough you can even invite her to try it.  Chances are she'll be nervous at first.  For some reason most people think there are drugs in there or something.  I'll admit that's what I thought at first.  Until I tried it and fell in love with it!

Low on money for dates but still want some fun first date ideas?

2 Dating Ideas You Can Do That's Easy on The Wallet

fun first date ideas

Cook something from 'back home' at home - This is a fun date idea if she's okay with going back at yours. 

You can cook a little something from home. 

Are you from the States? 

Have her try your famous peanut butter n jelly sandwich! 

Are you from France? How about making a baguette sandwich together?

In fact you can set the date to be a place for shopping.  You buy the ingredients together and then go back to yours to make them.

Go for a walk somewhere pretty - Is there a nice park or beach nearby?  Take her for a walk there.  You'll more likely bond faster and enjoy each other's company if you do. 

If you live in Hong Kong you're in luck!  The 'Avenue of The Stars' walk is always fun!  If you live in Seoul you can take her to Namsan park.  What about in your city?

Make These Fun First Date Ideas Work!

Make sure you know what to say and what to talk about.  Put your first name and email below and start my 9-Steps For Meeting and Dating Asian Women Self-Study Course.  Rest easy - it's all kept private and anonymous.  You'll be glad you did.

Enjoy! ;-)

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