3 Good First Date Ideas For Dating Asian Women

Get ready for some good first date ideas that will

 • show her your personality and interests
 • make her more comfortable with you
 • help you bond more quickly

…all without speaking a word of her language!

After living and dating in Asia for more than 5 years I've tweaked my first dates so that they do the heavy lifting for me.  Now you too can make your dating life easier by taking her to places that match these 3 criteria.

Make sure that your date locations are

Places That Show Off Your Culture

Your Asian date is probably curious about where you come from.  I mean come on - otherwise she wouldn't be going on a date with you, right?

Let her get to know you more by taking her into your world. 

For example - I'm half-American and half-Arabic.

In my case I like to take her to a classy burger joint that places rock n roll music (American ambience.) 

Afterwards I would take her to a hookah/shisha lounge where we can listen to relaxing Arabic lounge music. 

The best part of this is that I can explain to her various things about my culture as we're there.  At the rock'n roll burger restaurant I can let her know when Elvis' song is on (the only Rock n Roller I know) ;-)

At the shisha lounge I can teach her how to smoke a shisha or have her taste Moroccan tea (lots of mint and sugar.)

These are great first date ideas because I'm bringing her into my world and she's loving every step of the way!

"What if there aren't any places that match my culture nearby?"  Rest easy - in that case set up your apartment or house to do the trick. 

Take her somewhere that  matches the criteria below and then take her back to yours to experience your culture.

Places That You're Genuinely Comfortable In

What are some places you are genuinely comfortable in?  Is there a small restaurant or bar you like going to regularly?  Feel free to take her there.  She'll like it and here's why:

If you feel comfortable so will she.  When you can't communicate with her and she's nervous being with an expat - the more comfortable you can make her feel the better.

She'll get to know you better.  She can get to know your world and the people you hang out with.  Took her to a bar and know the owner?  Introduce her to him (or her.)

In any case your best bet is to find a place you're comfortable and that allows you to do this next part -

Places That Allow You To Control The Environment

All the good first date ideas you've ever heard (that work) involve this: you controlling the environment.

Remember Disney's Aladdin?  He took the princess on a 'magic carpet ride'.  That's what you want to do. 

You want to take her to new places and be in charge of everything that happens (as much as possible.)  He was in control of the carpet AND it was just him and her.  Eventually he took her to the Chinese fireworks where could relax and talk.

Yeah I'm a Disney fan. ;-)

good first date ideas

In this picture I took my Asian date and I to a cable car. 

This allowed us to enjoy "a whole new world" and be together.  In other words she linked the good times to us.

So I recommend taking your date places where you can be alone AND where her focus is all on you.  That's why I like the shisha bar. 

It's just us two sitting down together and she links the experience to you.  This is much better than - say - taking her to a ballet show or movie.

good first date ideas

We can also be silly together (as I was in this picture.) 

The BIGGEST mistake guys make is to take their Asian date to places where they have no control over. 

These make for bad first dates (click here for more.)

They hurt your chances of make your relationship more intimate because you don't control what happens.

Make These Good First Date Ideas Work!

Do you have a date coming up soon?  Great!  I recommend taking some time to think about and write down places for dates.  Make them work by checking them with the criteria above.  Do this homework...I promise you'll be glad you did!

Remember - the more your dates match what I wrote above, the more likely she'll have a great time (and thus so will you!) 

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