Make Great First Date Ideas
For Dating Asian Women

Dating an Asian woman soon and looking for some great first date ideas?

One thing that you'll love about Asian girls is that they're more open to trying new things with you.  This is because of their culture.  It's also because they are curious about you and your country.

So let's use that to your advantage to make sure you both have a memorable first date!

Do Something Together!

Some of the best dates involve you and her doing something together.  This can range from

 • playing darts

 • going to the arcades

 • going to a beginners' salsa class

Chances are she's never done any of these.  Taking the time to set something like this will make a great impression.

Is there a hobby you like to do?  Then take her to try it out!  You don't have to worry about her judging you or seeing you as 'weird'.  For example want to play video games?  Chances are she'll be fine with that! 

A Western woman might secretly perceive you as a "loser" for

a/ playing video games or

b/ taking her to play them on a first date

An Asian woman might think it's 'strange' but would then tell herself that it's maybe just part of your culture.  Or maybe she'll accept it as just being part of what you enjoy doing.

So besides doing something - what else can make for great first date ideas?

Go Somewhere Fun Together!

great first date ideas

When I say 'something fun' I don't mean take her to a play or a show. 

In fact I personally don't recommend doing that.

why not?

Because she will associate the good feelings to the play and the actor(s) in it - rather than to you. 

Instead I recommend going somewhere fun and chill.

You can take her to

 • a park nearby or on a hike

 • to a fun bar or restaurant

 • a shisha lounge

Ideally you'd want to take her somewhere that you personally enjoy.  Do you like smoking shisha?  I do. 

I take women to shisha lounges for example and introduce them to cultural things I like to do.  How about you? 

Would you like to go to a sports bar?  Take your date there! Chances are she'll have fun with you.

In any case - a fun place for you will most probably be a fun place for her.

Note: One time in Hong Kong I took a woman to a park and it didn't go well.  This was because she was expecting a more 'luxurious' experience. 

So taking her to where you have fun is also a great way to disqualify women who aren't what you're looking for.

So if you can do fun things and go to fun places together, what else is there?

Make Your Own Great Fun Date Ideas!

Use the two criteria above and come up with 5 fun first date ideas. Chances are you'll find more.  Start dating Asian women at those places and you'll notice two things:

A/ you'll have more fun during the date (you're also doing what you enjoy)

B/ your dates will either enjoy it with you or will not (in which case you might want to move on to the next Asian date)

For more tips on how to date Asian women put your first name and email in the boxes below.  Rest easy - it's all kept private.  You'll get instant access to my '9-steps To Dating Asian Women' Self-Study Course.

Enjoy! ;-)

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